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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Trinity Blood 15

Ion and Esther are approaching the capital of the Empire, Byzantium. The capital is surrounded by the Lazuli Wall which blocks out the UV rays of the sun so the citizens could be out in sunlight. They are riding on a friegther captained by a friend of Ion's family, Mimar which he notices that he has changed since he last saw him. Abel became sick during the voyage which he asked Esther to bury him on a hill overlooking the ocean but she refuses. Abel, Esther, and Ion arrived at his grandmother's palace. Ion ask Esther to stay with him in the Empire after her mission was over but before she could give an answer, Abel fell into the pool. They entered the palace to see the servants dead and Ion looks for his grandmother. He enters his grandmother's bedroom to see her dead with a few Autojaegars in the room. He takes out the first two but the third one corners him and would have killed him if Esther didn't kill it. Abel checks the corpse and sees a time bomb counting down. He grabs Ion and Esther and jumps out of the window before the bomb explodes.

They managed to come out with no injuries but Ion could grieve for his grandmother, they were surrounded by the Uni Cheli which soldiers who directly reports to the Empress. Ion walks towards Lord Baybars but he tells him that he's here to arrest him along with Esther and Abel. Baybars asks him why he didn't contact the Empire after his return and draws his sword to kill him. Ion attacks Baybars only to be forced back and his dagger destroyed. Abel throws the bombs that he took from the corpses and shoots them in the air to create a smoke screen and escapes. A servant talks to Ast who she was just ordered to protect the envoys from the Vactian. While drinking her wine, she notices that Abel and the others have arrived at the palace. Esther takes a bath with Ast which they talk about Abel and the Empire. After taking their bath, Ast notices Esther's birthmark which is a giant star which Ast calls it, a beautiful scar. Baybars talks to the Empress about finding the envoys as Abel appears behind her. He doubts that she's the Empress and the conversation was cut short by Baybars as he attacks Abel.

What's with Abel? It seems that all he does lately is to run away from the authorities and becomes a fugative. I think the Empress seems to have split personalities as she talks in different voices or something else from what Abel knows about her. The Rosenkruez Ordan will probably show up eventually as they are probably the ones moving things from behind the scenes. The series is so interesting political but it's not very confusing at all. The title of the next episode in the Night Lords arc is Twilight of the Capital.


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