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Friday, October 14, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 18-19

Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai are introduced to Neko Yuzuriha and Shiyuu Kusanagi who are fellow Origari hunters. Sakura is painting their sign when Kurogane chases after Fai. He mad at Fai for choosing his name in the country which is Big Puppy. Syaoran is Little Puppy while Fai and Sakura are Big and Little Kitty. Yuzuriha and Kusanagi tasted Fai's chocolate cake which was very good to them and shows them the Oni ranking system which goes from To to I and has five levels for each letter with the 1 being the highest. The oni that attacked the store was a Ha Five but it could entered the house even though it couldn't due to its rank since only Ro or above could enter houses. Yuzuriha and Kusanagi leave the area to hunt for oni and will come back to the cafe. Later in the night, Sakura gives Syaoran some hot chocolate and apologizes for her comment for not knowing him at first. She realizes that she knows him since they were kids but suddenly she stops as her realizations was taken away by Yuuko's price. Fai and Kurogane were listening on the conversation which Fai realizes that Yuuko makes sure that information about Syaoran's connection to Sakura's past will be erased from her memory if anyone tries to her about the connection or even if Sakura realizes herself. Fai further deducted that Syaoran knew about the memory erasure which is why he never said anything about himself to Sakura. She hopes that one day that she will remember Syaoran even though he knows he won't be in her memories.

The next morning, Sakura doesn't remember that Syaoran and Kurogane defeated another oni which was the result of the memory erasure from last night. Syaoran and Kurogane were at city hall to collect their payment which they don't have to go to city hall to collect payments for defeated onis as the payments will go automatically to their accounts. Syaoran asks the secretary about anything unusual which she tells them to go to an informant and gives them a map to one of them. They arrived at the informant's place which they meet a woman named Erii. Syaoran asks her if they were any weird incidents or legends recently which she tells them about a new type of oni which it has a beautiful appearance and only one person has seen it. She gives a ticket where the witness is at. Fai and Kurogane head towards the Clover while Syaoran and Sakura runs the cafe. Mokona talks to Yuuko and tells her that the chocolate was delicious. She wants double in return for white day. Kurogane and Fai are attack by onis and were surprised about it as onis wasn't supposed to be appeared on the road. Syaoran and Sakura were practicing getting used to their names when Mokona shows the Cat's Eye sign. Meanwhile, Fai and Kurogane are surrounded by onis.

The next episode begins with a song in the Clover bar. While Kurogane was fighting onis, Fai manages to get himself into a little trouble and gets flown into the wall. Kurogane protects Fai by defeating the group of onis with the Chiryu Jinenbu attack but in the process destroys his sword. He speaks to Fai and tells him that he knows that Fai can't die. He continues to preach to Fai that he kills people if they tried to take his life or tries to steal something that he's protecting and the type of person he hates the most is the one who doesn't care about their life and still has a full life ahead of them. Back at the cafe, two customers showed up and one of them named Ryuuou wants to fight Syaoran and begins to attack him. He was about to use a special attack when Kusanagi stops him. Souma, Ryuuou's partner, apologizes to Sakura and Syaoran for the damage in the cafe. Ryuuou want to fight strong people so he can use his full power and tells Syaoran about his slow reaction time on his right side. Back at the Clover, Fai talks to the bartender Caldina which she tells him that the person that he was looking for was the singer who just left. At the cafe, Ryuuou ended up paying for everyone since he would have destroy the cafe and paying for everyone would be cheaper than the damage cost. A mysterious man in white overlooks the cafe and summons an oni to attack the cafe.

The oni is a level four Ro and Ryuuou thought he easily defeated it but it managed to change its form even though it can't at that rank. The oni was going to hit Ryuuou but Syaoran blocked it with the Sakura badge. Syaoran gets caught by the oni while Yuzuriha takes Sakura to safety. Ryuuou attacks the oni with his special attack, Kaioujin and managed to free Syaoran. Then he asked Syaoran where was his weapon which he doesn't have one since a person needs a weapon to take down an oni above Ro rank. Ryuuou and the others attacked the oni while Syaoran tries to protect Sakura. The two Onigari teams managed to defeat the oni with a combined attack. Syaoran apologizes to Sakura for unable to protect her. Yuzuriha mentions that the oni attacked Sakura which shouldn't be able to since she's not an Origari. The man in white talks about Syaoran's weakness on the right side before disappearing. Fai and Kurogane came back to the cafe which Kurogane recognized Souma from his dimension but wasn't his Souma. While Syaoran was fixing Fai's ankle, he talked about how they didn't get any information on the new oni. Syaoran asks Kurogane if he can train him in fighting with a sword. Kurogane asks him if his reason to fight is for his own survival but Syaoran tells him that it's for being able to do what he wants which is to protect Sakura. Fai tells Syaoran that he must be able to defeat those who stand in his way or lose the thing that he protects. Kurogane accepts Syaoran's request for training.

These two episodes follows the manga storyline closely but with some deviations. When Syaoran and Kurogane met Erii, they had to pay her for the information and she beat up her lackeys during the meeting. Monoka's conversation with Yuuko happened during Ryuuou's attack on Syaoran not before which it ended the conversation when it wanted to check what's going on downstairs. Now the weird thing, Fai and Kurogane met with the singer in the manga instead of missing her at the Clover. I guess it's another weird CLAMP thing. Then, they took out the drunken party afterwards where Sakura and Fai are terrible drunks with Syaoran partially drunk and Kurogane not drunk at all. I guess they remove that part because it would destroy the seriousness of the scene. Overall, both episodes were very good and it really shows how painful for Syaoran to do this quest when Sakura will never remember him even if somebody tells her about Syaoran to her. It's rather a sad and cruel fate for him. The next episode will have Syaoran training with Kurogane while Fai and Sakura tried to find information on the new oni in the cafe.


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    hmm hey do u noe the song that comes out in episode 19.. the one that the black haired girl sings.?


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