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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 20

Kurogane and Syaoran went off to train but Fai forgot to give them their lunches. He sends Sakura to give them their lunches which she asks them why he must train with a sword and answers her that he must find her feathers. Kurogane and Syaoran went to a weapon shop which the owner of the store gives Kurogane the Souhi which Kurogane likes while Syaoran receives the Hien which they see Masayoshi's kudan giving the sword to them. In the end, they had to pay for the weapons without any discounts at all. While sitting on a bench, Kurogane tells Syaoran that he can't unshealthe the sword until he needs it. Back at the Cat's Eye, Kanio's counterpart along with his gang delivers a piano to the cafe and even blushes in front of Sakura while Fai was signing the paperwork. Fai got it to make it more like a cafe but he can't played it at all. Syaoran is avoiding rocks thrown by Kurogane which he realizes that his reaction time on his left side is slower because he relies on sight too much. Fai notices that Sakura is working harder than usual at her job. At the Clover, the singer feels a presence that can threaten the world.

Sakura talks to Outo's Touya and Yukito about any legends of Outo. Syaoran continues his training and slowly making some process but not much. Fai leaves the cafe to get a new Sakura wallet along with going to the doctor for his leg. Sakura watches over the cafe and plays with the piano but doesn't know how to play when the singer from the Clover shows up. The singer was composing a song and wanted to use the piano for a little bit. She asks Sakura her real name not the Outo name and wanted her to sing a song which can tell everything about a person. She plays a tone on the piano which brings Sakura into a trance and starts playing on the piano which Sakura started to sing. The singer begins to send information to an unknown person. At the end of the song, Sakura shed a tear and fell asleep afterwards. During the night, Syaoran and Kurogane came back from their training which he fell asleep afterwards in her room. Fai and Kurogane went to Syaoran's room to see him, Mokona, and Sakura all sleeping. The unknown person talks to someone about Sakura.

The episode follow the manga with Syaoran's training but the cafe scenes were mostly filler but the singer meeting Sakura could have been an important event. I think the connection between them would have been revealed later in the manga but I'm not sure about that yet. The song that Sakura sang during the episode was very sad and great. The next episode has Syaoran continues with his training along with Kurogane and Fai trying to find out more information about the new oni.


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