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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 21

A couple gets attacked by an oni which shouldn't happened since they only attack Onigari hunters. Sakura and Fai went out shopping when they heard about the news of the Oni attack last night. Kurogane tells Syaoran to blindfold himself and walk back to the cafe so he can train himself to react to unseen forces with both eyes. He can ask people for directions but he cannot take off the blindfold until he can feel presences and must carry his sword with him to get used to it. Syaoran tells Kurogane that Fai wanted them to pick up some flour on their way back which Kurogane gets mad at Fai. Kurogane returns to the cafe with the flour which Sakura asks him where Syaoran which he's still training. Syaoran is beginning to understand how to feel presences which an oni attacks him during this time. Ryuuou removes Syaoran's blindfold since he was about to get killed and manages to defeat the oni. They talked afterwards which Syaoran asks him about sword fighting. Ryuuou's reason to fight with a sword is that he wants to feel the enemy's strength through fighting. During the conversation, they actually have more things in common as they want to discover new things.

Ryuuou wanted to show Syaoran something away from the cafe while Kurogane and Fai went back to the Clover to talk with the singer, Oruha. She tells them about the oni have odd forms on purpose so the Onigari don't attack innocent people and the new oni is shaped as a very beautiful man. She mentions that the people of Outo don't have quarrels with each other except for the minor fight here and there. The new oni has a mysterious power that controls other oni. After Oruha leaves Fai and Kurogane, they discussed what she said as Fai theorizes that the oni were created for sport and the new, very powerful oni has Sakura's feather. Mokona and Sakura detect the feather's power which Sakura is in a trance. Yuzuhara sees Sakura in a trance and follows her. Ryuuou and Syaoran were near the largest sakura tree in Outo when they see Sakura nearby. They detected an oni nearby which a couple of Onigari tried to fight off an unusually strong Ha-ranked oni. Syaoran senses an unusual presence which is someone he knew from the past as Seishirou.

This episode finally manages Fai and Kurogane to meet with Oruha even though they were supposed to meet her after they get attacked by the oni earlier. They cut out a scene where Sakura encounters a couple of cats which one of them looks like Spinel from Card Captor Sakura along with a blindfolded Syaoran. There's one other thing about Seishirou's appearance. It doesn't looked that he's blinded in his right eye but maybe it would be mentioned in the next episode. At this point, it's nearly at the end of volume six which there's a small part of when Syaoran and Seishirou first met. I don't know what's going to happen after that point since I haven't read anything beyond volume six. The next episode will have a lot of things happening with them meeting with Seishirou along with Syaoran and Kurogane head to a new place to find more information.


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