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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 22

Ryuuou and Syaoran retreats from Seishirou and the oni. At the Cat's Eye, Sakura manages to recover from her trance for trying to locate when Ryuuou and Syaoran came back. Fai and Kurogane along with the other Onigari talked about the new oni which Fai suggested that the new oni and the I1 oni are one and the same. They decided to investigate on looking for the I1 oni and to see if the I1 oni and the new oni are one and the same. Syaoran has a flashback where he gives a book to Seishirou after he fought off a group of guys. He tells Ryuuou that he may know the new oni and was the one who taught him to fight. Fei Wong and Xing Huo wonders who has been interfering with their plans but he still feels confident about his plans. The next day, Sakura asks Syaoran about the new oni which he remembers a time when Sakura came to visit him after a business trip which she was sad that he tried to hide his injuries. Syaoran and Kurogane went to City Hall to find out more information about the new oni.

The person at the information deck said that there is no new oni existing at the moment but can't give out any information about the person who accompanies the oni. Syaoran asks where they could go to get information which she refers them to a place where they have a seven percent of returning alive. Syaoran figures out that the new oni and the one who with the oni are two different things. Syaoran and Kurogane arrived at the place that they got from City Hall. They entered the tower which Syaoran wanted to provide some light but Kurogane tells him not to light it as it will provide him with more training. Kurogane managed to kill some oni in the darkness before continuing on. Syaoran was soon caught by some oni and had Kurogane freed his right hand so he can burn the rest of the oni because it was covered in oil. Back at the cafe, Sakura collasped due to her working too hard. Syaoran and Kurogane arrived at a huge door which contained two girls which one of them glomps Syaora and. their names are Sumomo and Kotoko. Syaoran asks them about the one who walks with the oni which Kotoko tells them that its rank is I1 and called the ultimate oni. This oni has special powers and can take the shape of a person but it isn't Seishirou as he's a recent person who came to Outo. She tells them that he's been interfering with the affairs of Outo and City Hall will kill him soon. At the Cat's Eye, Mokona cheers up Fai after Sakura collasped while Kurogane and Syaoran talked about the recent information they got until Sumono tells them that an emergency situation has risen. Meanwhile, Fai meets with Seishirou who just entered the cafe asking for Syaoran and Kurogane.

It seems that the mystery of the oni has deepen as Seishirou isn't the I1 ranked oni and actually interfering with the activities of the oni. It was quite freaky to see Sumono and Kotoko was tall as people compared to their smaller, portable sizes in Chobits. Also, they are delaying the backstory between Syaoran and Seishirou for the next episode even though the end of volume six had the backstory in full before the rest of the episode. The next episode has Fai taking on an oni in the cafe while Syaoran seems like that he's breaking apart along with more answers with the Clover and Oruha.


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