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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yakitate Japan 40

Subawara asks Pierrot for some fishing poles which he pulls lots of them from his pants (don't ask how he fit them all in). While Team Japan was catching tetras, Pierrot was trying to think of ways to prolong them from matching their bread. The tetras taste terrible which Subawara ask Pierrot if they could just make regular bread. Pierrot refused his request as he lied to them about fish being his favorite food and wants some before he dies. He hoped that it would take them some time to think of a way to make the fish taste good but Azuma manages to think of Japan #22 in a short time. Pierrot continues to delay their efforts with questions like how they gonna to make the tetras taste good. Azuma tells them that he's going to crush the fish like kamaboko which is crushed shark or flying fish meat. Pierrot's plan now is to make a very long reaction with a kamaboko pun but he couldn't think of anything until he came up with mamadoko which translates into "Where's Mama?" He need a way to prolong it even more which he came up with a number code on the assumption that bakers suck at math. Just when he finished with the code, Azuma managed to finish the bread and the moment of truth is at hand as he gives the code to them as 104,877,443,673. Pierrot tells them that the code is based on the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Azuma manages to figure out the code which is Mamadoko in his head. I'm not going to try to explain how he managed to figure that out from the number. Anyway, it seems that Azuma is a genius at numbers and sucks at Japanese as he manages to answer a complex multipication problem from Kawachii and of course, his lack of understanding of the Japanese language is shown throughout the series. Pierrot tries to explain the meaning of mamadoko but everyone knew it already as they were crying and telling him to swim now. As a last resort, he asked how they made the bread but Azuma explained it in mach speed. In the end, he jumps into the water even though he was going to die. He begins to think that it would be nice if he had parents that would have taken him to the beach and watch him in the water or make sand castles. Then he thinks about playing catch with his father but he keeps not catching the ball. Suddenly, he could breathe underwater via by era which is gills in Japanese. The bread has given him gills and with them, he swims to the surface and meets up with Kuro-yan and Sophie which Kuro-yan breaks Sophie's GBA. Pierrot emerges with a huge gut and tetras coming out his mouth.

This episode wasn't as great compared to some of the other episodes. Also, the way that Pierrot was saved was different from the manga which I won't go into right now since Team Japan might be saved by that way. Kuro-yan did break the GBA in the manga but for a different shock which will happened in the next episode for sure unless they do something from left field. Also, the animation quality for this episode was very bad compared to the other episodes. The next episode will introduce the King of Monaco who's a very important character during this part of the tournament along with some important developments into a couple of characters' pasts.


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