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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yakitate Japan 41

Team Japan manages to come back to the surface with the help of the Monaco Secret Police and as they were walking towards Sophie and Kuro-yan, they see three people parachuting down from the sky. Kawachii decides to go to the bathroom and accidently pees on the Leon Hart XIV, the King of Monaco which almost gets him killed by his guards. His face is covered with the Lion's Crown which you can't see his true face. His reason of coming here is to tell them that Rame has disappeared which he left a statement of apology before disappearing. The King will be running the tournament and will make it will be run fairly. Pierrot has decided that America, China, France, and Japan will advanced to the semifinals. The topic of the next round is to make a sports bread for the racers of the F1 Grand Prix that will take place in Monaco next week. Meanwhile, Yuniko talks to Kirisaki Yuuichi about how they will crush Team Japan but she wants to continue to crush the Southern Tokyo Branch. Back at Monaco, Azuma wonders what's required to make a sports bread which Kuro-yan tells them that it needs to be high-stamina and easily digestible. He tells them that the winning bread will be fed to the F1 racers at the opening ceremony of the Monaco Grand Prix. Azuma made something like it which is Japan #51 and Kawachii thinks that he had to do nothing but each team member has to make their own bread. Sophie comes in and tells them that their opponent is France in a head to head match. She tells them that the oldest brother, Gran isn't like any normal baker as he doesn't talk or walk which makes his other muscles so strong that he could bake anything with ease. Subawara decides to go train and tells Azuma to improve his Japan #51 even though there's nothing to change about it. Kawachii shortly follows them afterwards.

Team Japan goes to the hotel to ask Kuro-yan to get some ingredients which he tells to go to the Monaco Royal Palace to get any rare ingredients. They leave again but only to come back since they don't where the palace is which Kuro-yan tells them to ask all their questions before leaving which was a bad idea. Pharaoh approaches Sophie to ask her some questions about her father, Kirisaki Yuuichi the owner of St. Pierre. He tells her that he's behind the disappearance of Rame and wanted to know more about him. Team Japan arrives at the palace which the guards ask Subawara to leave his sword with them which Kawachii just gives it to them. He gives chase to Kawachi and entered the main room of the palace to see a bunch of ingredients along with the King. The King tells them that they have to answer one question before they could take any ingredients that they want which Yuuichi is watching them from above. Sophie tells Pharaoh and Kuro-yan about her father which he abandoned his family while she was young. When she was five and her brother was ten, they see their father who asked them, "When you've made an especially delicious-looking bread, as a baker, who would you feed it to first?" Her brother answers his question as to his children but he says the answer is himself. Her father eats the bread in front of them while they were starving to death. She hated her father for that and never will forgive him. The King asks the same question to Team Japan which Azuma says himself as he doesn't know if the bread is delicious or not. Azuma gets the question right and King tells them that he got the question from a certain baker while working under him. After getting the necessary ingredients, they go back to the hotel which Kuro-yan and everyone thought that Subawara was going to the mountains to train. Kawachi tells Kuro-yan about the question which Sophie tells them about the story. Pharaoh tells them that Yuuichi and the King are best friends due to a Monaco Royal tradition which the children of the Royal Family are sent to be raised by the common people. The current King was raised by Yuuichi for five years before disappearing. Kawachii figures out that the question was a warning as he could crush the Japanese Team at any team and can't tell Kuro-yan about the battle for control of Pantasia. Azuma and Subawara don't care about the enemy's schemes and just bake bread. Kawachii and Subawara get into a fight for insulting their baldness which Azuma gets pull into the fight.

It seems that they dealt with the Rame issue a little differently from the manga. In the manga, Pierrot was actually saved by Pharaoh which his dream about his parents would have him make the sand pile into the shape of a pyrmaid. They did also show how Team Japan got out of the hole with the curvy tunnel that Pharaoh. When Kuro-yan broke Sophie's GBA, he was reacting to the death of Rame who committed suicide which the Monaco Secret Police told him not the King. Everything else after that, the episode followed the manga perfectly. The episode setups the King of Monaco will have an important role to play later in the series and the semifinals. The next episode will begin the semifinals and reveal the true form of the Kaysers which is quite interesting or freaky.


  • At 7:23 PM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Hmm..I wonder what Kaysers true form is? Haha it must be hilarious, because the faces that Suwabara, Kawachii, and Kuro-yan displays in the preview is priceless. Well at least they didn't change to much of the anime, it still follows the manga a bit. Well I can't wait till the next episode.


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