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Monday, October 31, 2005

Yakitate Japan 42

Kawachi manages to make his bread for the semifinals from a rare ingredient while Azuma was still trying to think of a way to improve Japan #51. He making fun of the Kasyers when Subawara wearing a Kasyer mask scares him. Subawara explains that the Kasyers has an advantage since Monaco is considered home from them and the most of the people watching will be wearing Kasyer masks as well. Subawara tells Azuma that he should based his bread on what the F1 racers need for a race. He leaves the room as he wants to beat Azuma with Lupan #6. Azuma while in the bathroom realizes how he can improve on Japan #51 while Kawachi dreams of a sexy Sophie who wants to kiss him and tries to kiss Azuma. Azuma goes off to the Royal Palace which he will be late for the match. Meanwhile Kawachi says to Subawara, Kuro-yan, and Sophie that the eldest Kayser brother is lazy along with Azuma being late when the Kasyers showed up behind him. After Edward says a few things, Gran made him go from the front to the back. Gran tells Kawachi that he didn't help his brothers during the tournament until the semifinals but he has been using his hands. He has Bob to show the bottom part of the cape which reveals a pair of hands on the bottom. Those hands belong to Gran which measured at 2.72 meters which he had his arms under these heavy blocks. By the time he broke them, his arms grew very much. Subawara wanted to see the true form of the Kasyers which they complied with his request.

The Kayser's true form that Gran supporting Bob and Edward with his arms and while Gran needs to use his hands, Edward and Bob support Gran. Gran has the Solar Hands Gigantous and has Goddess Hands Ultima which makes him a very powerful baker to fight against. Pierrot tells the Kasyers and Team Japan to get into the arena for the semifinals. The time limit for the round is two and a half hours and if Azuma manages to make his bread after coming in late, it will be accepted. Kawachi reveals his great ingredient which Kuro-yan was about to explain to Sophie when Pierrot steals his thunder. Pierrot tells them that Kawachi has corn barnacles which are high class food in Italy and Japan and don't lose their taste when boiled. Kaysers' bread shines brightly as they used the purest pearl powder which has the ability to reduce the amount of oxygen while doing sports and has great tastes. Kawachi is afraid of the Kaysers' ability after being showed up by them while Subawara isn't afraid and made his dough red. Pierrot explains that the red dough is caused by a combination of the blood of a snapping turtle and red wine. The blood acts a nervous system stimulant while the red wine has anthocyanin which is great for the eyes. Kawachi taunts the Kasyers with Subawara's bread but the Kasyers came back with blue dough as blueberries contains anthocyanin as well. Subawara doesn't care about the Kasyers' bread but his bread has a fatal flaw in it. There's 90 minutes left in the match and Azuma hasn't shown up yet.

It's rather sad that Kawachi gets scared by every small thing from the Kaysers' true form to their ingredients used in their bread. The Kayser's true form is a sight to behold as Gran's arms are just huge along with his brothers in their weird positions. They must be very flexible in order to maintain those positions. I obviously know the flaw in Subawara's bread and it's actually common sense to it. He must be an idiot not to realize it. The next episode will have Azuma showing off his newly improved Japan #51 along the result of the match.


  • At 3:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow thats pretty kool, it should be a series on dvd, u should try to get in australia, on TV it would be a big hit!

  • At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    the story's, kool but the drawring are amazing!


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