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Friday, November 04, 2005

Bleach 56

Yumichika speaks with Kenpachi which he asked how the battle went which Komamura ran away from him to help with old man Yama and notices how clean he is and livelier he is. He tells him that he enjoyed his fight with him as he drained the spirit energy out of the 9th vice captain. Ukitake is in awe in the sight of Ryuujin Jakka as it has the greatest attack power along with being the oldest and strongest flame type soul slayer. Yama asks Ukitake and Kyouraku to release their soul slayers which they do. Ukitake releases Sougyo no Kotowari while Kyouraku releases Katen Kyoukotsu which are the only double sword Soul Slayers in existance. After some talk, all three of them charged towards each other and creates a big shockwave. Meanwhile, Jidanbou has finally recovered from his wounds received by Gin six days earlier and Kuukaku visits him about going to the Court of Pure Souls.

Sui Fong and Yoruichi talked trash about their skills before Sui Fong mentions about the Sky Walker cloak that Ichigo had contained the Shihouin clan crest on it. She mentions that a fall of a clan isn't a pretty sight like the Shiba clan which the Shihouin clan could fall because of Yoruichi's help. Yoruichi was Sui Fong's senpai which she was the Secret Mobile Corps Supreme Commander and now, Sui Fong has the position. Sui Fong draws her soul slayer which means that an execution order must be carried out as a bunch of ninjas surround Yoruichi. In a second, she defeats the ninjas under her namesake as the God of Flash. Sui Fong rips off the arm parts of her robe and removes it to reveal the Correction Corps Supreme Commander's combat uniform. They begin to fight with hand to hand combat which they both took a hit each. Then Sui Fong sneaks up behind of Yoruichi and transforms her Soul Slayer, Suzumebachi into a single claw type weapon. She manages to get a hit on Yoruichi which makes a butterfly appear on her chest. The butterfly is a stamp of death that if Sui Fong hits the exact spot again, it will be instant death which she managed to perfect after Yoruichi left. Sui Fong manages to hit Yoruichi with more butterflies on her body as she was running away. The butterflies used to left after an hour but not anymore until Sui Fong wants to remove them. Sui Fong reveals a new technique that she mastered the other day which combines physical attacks with demon magic. Yoruichi tells her that she had thought up the technique long ago and gave it the name of Flashcry. Then she tells her that the uniform has no shoulder and back fabric because it would be pointless to have it because Flashcry rips it apart. This ripping is shown when Yoruichi begins to powerup the Flashcry as well and reveals the same uniform that Sui Fong has. Yoruichi tells her that she can't control it.

The episode shows how cool Yoruichi is by already creating the Flashcry technique before she did. The real action will continue to slowly building up as Sui Fong and Yoruichi continue their battle along wtih their past and maybe some Ichigo and Byakuya action as well.


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