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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bleach 57

Sui Fong tries to attack Yoruichi with the Flash Cry but she manages to cancel it with the exact same quality and quantity in the opposite rotation. This cancellation was amazing as it would be hard to figure out the exact amount in a very short timeframe. Sui Fong continues to attack Yoruichi as she can't figure out why she isn't weak while she got so much stronger. It goes to a flashback as Sui Fong's father explains that it's their duty to protect Yoruichi's family. She trained in the Corrections Corp and while during a training session, Sui fought against Yoruichi and lost. Seven years after becoming a member of the Corp, Sui became a part of Yoruichi's bodyguard team which Yoruichi wanted her to call her by her real name not Excellency. Sui worshiped Yoruichi so much as they fought together against Hollows. Sui wanted to apologize for being unable to protect her but Yoruichi said it was ok. One night, Sui wanted to protect Yoruichi and did some training which Yoruichi showed her how to move the sword more smoothly. Sui wanted more power as she wanted to protect Yoruichi but she tells her that she reminds her of herself and considers her to be a sister to her. They pledge to be together forever on that night.

One day, Sui went to Yoruichi's room and didn't find her there which she left without saying goodbye. Back to the present, Sui Fong said that she will never forgive her for what she did to her. Their Flash Cries collide in a big explosion which Yoruichi diverts all the energy behind her and clearly defeats Sui Fong. Sui asks her why she didn't take her with her and begins to cry. Ikkuaru and Iba watched the Flash Cry explosion while drinking some sake. After the sake disappeared, they played Rock, Paper, Scissors to get the higher position and before they fight again, they noticed that Byakuya and Ichigo fighting. Ichigo demanded that Byukaya to bring out his bankai but he thinks that he's not worthy for it. Byakuya uses his shikai on Ichigo but he easily defeats it and wounds Byukaya's left arm. Ichigo explains the attack to Byakuya as his spirit force is eaten at the moment of slashing and releases a high-density spirit force from the blade edge. Ichigo didn't know how to fire them but Zangetsu explain it once he fire it intentionally and the name of the attack, Getsuga Tenshou.

This episode ends the Sui Fong and Yoruichi fight as Yoruichi defeated Sui Fong as she showed that she can negate any attack that Sui Fong sent at her. It's something rare that a person was able to defeat something without landing a single hit at them. The next episode will focus on the Byakuya and Ichigo fight which Ichigo will reveal his bankai to the anime world.


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