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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bleach 58

Byakuya summons his bankai and attacks Ichigo with the sea of sakura petals. Ichigo uses Getsuga Tenshou to attack Byukaya but the petals blocked the attacks and eventually, the petals managed to hit Ichigo which pummels him to the ground. Byukaya explains that the bankai is an omnidirectional attack devoid of blind spots via hundreds of millions of blades. Ichigo beats himself up for thinking that his shikai could beat Byukaya's bankai which Byukaya thinks that Ichigo may have his own bankai. Hitsugaya visited Hinamori and erect a barrier before heading off with Matsumoto to the Gokai 46 which they noticed the Ichigo and Byakuya fight. Byukaya doesn't believe that Ichigo has bankai which makes him summoned it which Orihime and the others noticed the bankai summoning. Byukaya thinks to himself that bankai is something that's so hard to achieve that one person from the four Great Noble Houses could achieve it once in a few generations.

A big surge of energy comes out of Ichigo's soul slayer which creates a huge dust tornado. After the tornado disappears, Ichigo reveals his bankai which he wears some new clothes and his sword is mostly black with a guard. Byukaya is insulted by Ichigo's bankai as it's not huge at all and attacks him with his bankai but Ichigo is next to him with his sword's tip pointed at his neck. Ichigo steps back from Byakuya as Hinamori is on the move again to finish her quest for revenge. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto arrive at the outer gates of the Gokai 46 which they are worried as there's no guards at the outer and inner gates of the building. They can't get in because the inner gate is sealed with swords. Orihime and the others arrived at the base of Soukyoku which they advanced anyway even though Aramaki was concerned about the immerse power. Byakuya realizes that he lost Ichigo for a second as he asks Ichigo why he removed the sword from his neck and that sword isn't a bankai. Byakuya attacks Ichigo again with his bankai as Ichigo avoids his attacks at incredible speeds. Byakuya can increase the speed of the pedals if he controls them with his hands and thought he got Ichigo but he knocked all of them down with fast sword movements. Then he stabs Byukaya with the sword as Byukaya realizes that the bankai is the sword. The bankai is condensed into the sword to make ultra-high speed combat with maximum combat ability possible.

Ichigo's bankai has been finally revealed in this episode which goes away from the normal bankais seen so far in the series as it isn't massive. It was great to see Byakuya get thrown into a loop with Ichigo's power of bankai. Anyway, the battle continues in the next episode and maybe get some more development on Aizen's murder.


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