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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Canvas Two 5

Hiroki was trying to find a necktie for his first day of student-teaching which Elis wasn't too thrilled at all. Along his way to school, he sees a Nadesico student feeding a stray cat and tells her that she will be late to school. She goes the opposite way of the school which he mentions to her and at that point, she starts to rant on him that the food she gave to the cat was her breakfast and needs food in order to take her medicine well. The prinipical talks to Hiroki about his student-teacher assignment which lasts one month and teachs a freshman class along with the art classes. Hiroki introduces himself to the class he will be teaching which has Elis in it. The students were making jokes if he was getting married which Elis explains angrily that he doesn't have a girlfriend and to finish his greeting. He talks to Shinomiya Yuu, the teacher he replaced for the month in the teachers' room and the girl from earlier this morning came into the room. She asked for the printouts for the days she missed and leaves before Yuu could introduce Hiroki to her. Yuu tells Hiroki about the girl named Fujinami Tomoko which her body is weak and has been absent in class a lot from it. Hiroki then talks to Kiri about Tomoko which she tends to sit during PE and leaves once Kiri loses her eye on her. Kiri asks Hiroki if he's going to take the teacher's exam which he will do and about drawing which he ignores the question. He asks her to allow him to deal with Tomoko by himself. During art class, everyone was drawing flowers in a pot and Hiroki wanted to see Tomoko's drawing which she covers it up. He makes her show it and gave her suggestions on how to improve until a girl tells her that it's gloomy. She tears up the pictures and leaves the room to go to the nurse's office. Hiroki sees Tomoko outside reading a book and asks her if she was going to the nurse's office. She gets mad at him and decides to go to the bathroom instead. During dinner, Elis and Hiroki were discussing Tomoko which Elis hopes that she will derail his ambition to become a teacher. He puts more salt into her bowl before answering the phone which she was going to put some salt into his bowl until she hears it's Kiri on the phone. Elis leaves the room while Hiroki talks Kiri on the phone. He tells Kiri that he feels that he's a kid since he gets mad by every little thing which she tells him that there are some things you learn by becoming closer to them.

The next day, Tomoko was going to feed the stray cat when she noticed that it was already fed some food. During class, Hiroki notices that Tomoko wasn't in class. While outside, Tomoko gives Hiroki some sausage to repay him for feeding the cat earlier. She gets mad at him and tries to leave but Hiroki grabs her because he wasn't going to have her skipping class again. She collaspes suddenly and was sent to the nurse's office. He apologizes to her which she wants him to leave her alone. While sitting in the staff room, Hiroki decides to tape together the picture that Tomoko tore yesterday and which the principical notices. She gives him some tea along with the idea to repair Tomoko's heart like he did with the drawing. While walking in the hallway, he sees Tomoko outside leaning against a tree while everyone is running. He sits next to her and begins to draw Elis in a cartoon drawing which peaks the attention of Tomoko. He asks her to draw which she initially refuses until he manages to gloat her into doing it. She does a drawing of Shimohira which Hiroki thought her breast were bigger and so she does again but draws as balloons. Elis looks at Tomoko's drawings and gives her positive comments. Eventually, everyone goes towards Tomoko and begins to like her. Yuu talks to Hiroki and gives him props for opening Tomoko's heart while Kiri thinks that he might be cut out for a teacher after all. The next morning, Tomoko gives Hiroki back his sketch pad which she draws him evil looking. He chases after her which she tells him don't leave her alone before giving him the eye gesture.

This episode was quite good even though I hated Tomoko for her attitude towards everyone but in the end, she managed to change because of Hiroki's efforts. Also Shinomiya Yuu was another heroine in the original Canvas series. The cameos keep coming but it's not about them at all. Kiri and Hiroki's relationship is quite interesting as she wants him to draw again while he wants to prove to her that he can teach. I'm looking forward to the next episode as this will be Kiri and Hiroko relationship centered. This episode may shed some light to some things about their past.


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