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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Canvas Two 6

Elis is putting on various swimsuits for her class trip which Hiroki is going with them as a guide and doesn't like it at all. The prinicpal told Hiroki that he was going on the C trip course because of the number of students pick it as their choice. Elis shows off her pink bikini which Hiroki wanted her to wear something that would be flashy like the school swimsuit for instance. Sumire tries on a school swimsuit, Tomoko has a goth swimsuit, Takeuchi with a blue bikini, and while Hagino has an old style swimsuit. Hiroki wants Elis to wear an one-piece swimsuit which Kiri is wearing a green one-piece swimsuit. While at school, Elis is fantasizing about her time with Hiroki during the trip to Tomoko. Then they noticed a guy named Hashizume Shouta talking which Tomoko didn't seem to be fond of. Takeuchi, Hikari, and another senior of the art club announced that they have a shocking gift to hand out to the freshmen. Hiroki reads the schedule for the trip and notices a fear trial as one of the things to do on the second night. Kiri tells him it's a tradition that the juniors and seniors scared the living daylights out of the freshmen which serves a way to reestablish the upper and lower classmen relationship. Kiri and Hiroki have to run the fear trial which they have to select costumes that the upperclassmen brought, decide the route of trial and leading the students. Then Kiri and Hiroki begin to argue with each other as Hagino and Elis try to listen into the conversation. Hiraki gave out some chocolate green tea wabasi fried cookies that everyone but Hagino hated. She was about to ask Elis about them when she move closer to Kiri and Hiroki as she was getting lonely and scares Kiri as they went through a dark tunnel. Elis apologizes to Kiri for scaring her earlier as Hiroki gets the students into the ropeway. Hagino asks Hiroki what's on top of the mountain which he tells her that there's a famous museum which has paintings, glasswork, and ceramics. Tomako and Takeuchi joined into the conversation as Elis tries to get Hiroki's attention. Sumire tells Hiroki that she has a fear of heights which he tries to get a taxi for her but Kiri forces her on the ropeway. Elis was about to head towards the ropeway when Shouta jumps out the middle of nowhere which he has a bag of something. Sumire begins to sing as they go up the ropeway and faints as she got to the bubble bursting part.

Hiroki had to carry Sumire to the museum after fainting on the ropeway. Kiri apologizes to Sumire for making her go on the ropeway. He looks at Elis who gets starled and runs to Shouta which they decided to tour the museum. After looking at some pots, Elis decides to run off. Kiri and Hiroki talked to each other at a cafe which they talked about the plans for the fear trial as Elis watches them from afar. Takeuchi and the other senior scare Elis with the possible fear trial. Kiri tells the girls that they are free to do anything until dinner and that the upperclassmen need to report to the Wasabi room after dinner. Takeuchi and the others begin to plan the fear trial as Elis and the others wonder in fear. Shouta goes off by himself while Elis asks Hiroki if he wanted to go to the beach with her. Hiroki tells her that he has things to do and asks her what swimsuit she's wearing which is a bikini, the one suit he didn't want to see. The girls are having fun on the beach in their swimsuits (Hagino decided against the old style swimsuit from earlier). Tomoko tells Elis that she hasn't been in the water since she was a chile as Elis sees Kiri and Hiroki walking towards and decides to follow them. Kiri and Hiroki are planning the route for the fear trial which they begin to remember the old days as Kiri hated to be scared. He scares Kiri which makes her embrace Hiroki for a few seconds. As Elis was walking on the trail, she becomes afraid of the rattling of the bushes which was only Shouta. He was collecting clay for his ceremics projects and ask Elis what she doing. She runs off again towards the shrine as Kiri and Hiroki remember the old days. She spies on them and notices that Hiroki laughs with Kiri in a way that he doesn't done towards her. Elis cries to herself as Shouta shows up.

This episode really shows that Elis loves Hiroki so much that she basically spied on him. She's like the daughter who refuses to allow her father to remarry with another woman. She wants Hiroki to herself and doesn't want any other woman replacing her as the most important woman to Hiroki. I think that Shouta will act as a sort of rebound for Elis as she deals with Hiroki and Kiri's growing relationship. The next episode will have the fear trial which Elis pairs up with Shouta during this. Of course, there will be some moment during a fear trial that makes someone realize something very important.


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