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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Canvas Two 7

The girls were gossiping and playing games while they were suppose to sleep except for Tomoko and Elis who were trying to sleep. Elis tells Tomoko that she thinks that Kiri is very important to Hiroki which she's likes him very much. Tomoko asks her if she likes him as a brother or a guy but before she could answer that question, Kiri tells everyone to sleep which Elis could not do. The next day, Tomoko tries to wake up Elis but she could not. During breakfast, Hiroki asks Tomoko where Elis was which she told him that she was still sleeping and went over there to wake her up. Hiroki tells her that they aren't home which she suggests that they should go home because she would have him to herself but Hiroki refuses her request. While the rest of the girls were having fun playing volleyball, Elis was by herself when Shouta found her which he asked if she would come play with the freshman team. She refuses to play volleyball and wanted him to leave her alone but he suggests that they should eat kakigoori. He wanted her to eat kakigoori because she need to cool down and compared her to a stiff pot called a bizenyaki. Hiroki finds the both of them which he tells Elis to stop doing what she wants but Shouta apologizes to him for taking Elis. One girl was saying that Elis being with Shouta was a good thing. While they were taking a bath, Takeuchi asks Elis if she's ready for the fear trial while the principal tells the seniors to take it easy on the freshmen. Hakino asks Elis about her feelings towards Shouta and Hiroki but before she could answer, Sumire fainted in the bath. Elis went to the open air hot springs and see Kiri there. She tells Elis that Hiroki told her about Shouta which she said that he worries like an old man. Elis asks Kiri if she had any boyfriends in high school which she said that she didn't that the only guy she liked rejected her and never said who it was. Elis talks to Hiroki about the conversation that she and Kiri had which he spit out his drink at that point. He tells her that he didn't rejected her but he wanted to good friends and couldn't be the person for her as she deserved a better man.

Elis remembers the time when Hiroki taught her how to swim which Kiri was there and noticed that he looked happy when looking at Kiri. She realized at that moment that Hikori and Kiri had crushes on each other. The fear trial begins as the freshmen weren't very happy about it as Takeuchi dresses up as a ghost with one eye, a girl with an axe in her head, Hagino as a magical girl, and Sumire as a mummy with a lantern and tongue jelly. Tomoko heads off with no fear at all as Kiri gets scared easily as Hiroki just touches her which she manages to let out a loud scream with a microphone and almost blows out everyone elses ears. Hiroki takes the microphone away from her as the pair of Shouta and Elis goes into the fear trail. As they were walking in the fear trial, Shouta was more scared than Elis which she wasn't even phased by them. With Elis and Shouta being the only ones left, the freshmen managed to convince Kiri and Hiroki to do the fear trial. Meanwhile, Shouta keeps running back and forth between Sumire's lantern and tongue jelly while Elis talks to Hagino and faints when a red ghost appear suddenly. Hagino shows Elis and Shouta a shortcut out of the trial which she was confused of why Elis fainted which Sumire knew the reason why. Shouta tells Elis that he would protect her even though he was the more scared one which he managed to get a smile from Elis the first time today. Meanwhile, Kiri got scared from Hagino's magical girl costume and Sumire's mummy which Hikori takes Kiri through the shortcut. While walking, Kiri asks Hiroki if he's going to be a teacher which he said that he would as Kiri would be happy if he became a teacher. They see Elis and Shouta standing there which Shouta tells Elis that he likes her and wanted her to go out with him but she rejects him and begins to cry. Hiroki and Kiri had a romantic moment as Kiri became scared of a bird emerging from the bushes and embrace Hikori which they almost kissed but Kiri pulls him off.

I still hating Elis for her selfish attitude of Hiroki. She really needs to learn that Hiroki won't look at her the same way that he does with Kiri. She's just hurting herself for having those feelings and will reject a lot of guys like Shouta because of them. It's rather interesting for Hiroki that Kiri deserve a better guy than himself even though he had feelings for her and still does. Somehow I believe that's not the whole story between Kiri and Hiroki. The next episode is the summer festival with Kiri, Hiroki, and Elis going out to it.


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