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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Canvas Two 8

Elis wakes up Hiroki so he could go with her to buy a yukata for the festival and tries to make him draw a portrait of her but he says that he sucks at it. While out shopping, Elis and Hiroki encounters Kiri which they have an awkward meeting and joined up with Hagino, Tomoko, Sumire, and Tageuchi as they were here to buy yukatas. Hiroki decides to run away and leaves Kiri to buy yukatas for everyone. Kiri helps everyone to put on their yukata which Elis almost chokes Tomoko with the bow. Kiri notices that Elis's yukata was about to fall off and has her leave the room so she fixed it while everyone else has cake. Kiri gives her props for choosing a mature looking yukata and tells her that she got interested in cooking and yukata because of a guy. Kiri looks for a ribbon for Elis in her closet which a painting falls down. Elis looks at the painting which was a portrait of Kiri that Hiroki drew while in high school.

Elis and Hiroki went to the festival which he wasn't interested as he reads a book for the teacher examination. She points out a vendor selling portraits which she brings up the portrait issue again as she mentions the portrait that he drew of Kiri. After a second of silence, Elis decides to run off to get a fortune. Kimikage and Ruriko (two more cameos from Canvas 1) were running the fortune stand when Elis and Kiri met at the same time. Kiri fixes Elis's hair ribbon and both got a fortune from the stand. Then they drank some lamune as Elis brings up the issue of her and Hiroki. Kiri tells Elis that it's none of her business about their childhood relationship which Elis tells her that Hiroki thinks that there was someone better for her. Hiroki shows up looking for Elis which he finds her and Kiri together and Elis runs away from them. Shouta was shooting for prizes when he notice Elis walking around along with Hagino who was buying cotton candy. Hagino and Elis notices a crowd in front of the water balloon stand which Sumire and Tomoko compete with each other. Hiroki and Kiri find Elis and the others at the balloon stand and walk away which Elis notices them and runs off again. Shouta appears out of nowhere once again which scares Elis. They walk towards a spot to watch the fireworks which Shouta apologizes for confessing to her on the trip earlier. Elis talks to Shouta about her problems with Hiroki and Elis which she's annoyed at them for not confessing their feelings about each other. Kiri reads her fortune which says that she must wait for her wish to come true as Elis's fortune was that her wish will be granted but she cries as her wish didn't came true.

It seems that Elis wants Hiroki and Kiri to confess their feelings and becomes annoyed at their indecsiveness but I think she's a little bit selfish herself. I can't really feel sorry for Elis because her selfish feelings of Hiroki and not noticing Shouta. As for Shouta, he has a creepy way of showing up when Elis is in the area which borders on stalking. At least, Hiroki and Kiri are almost close to hooking up but Elis is probably the wildcard in all of this. The next episode will continue the triangle between Elis, Hiroki, and Kiri.


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