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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Futakoi Alternative 11

On October 25, 1945, General MacArthur of the United States ordered the Japanese Zaibatsu (financial cartel) to be dismantled. He ordered that all businesses to report the details of their operations but the leaders of the Zaibatsu hid their assets and created a top secret research facility called the Wadatsumi Facility. This facility control the politics and economy during the postwar period while conducting research on the Ikaros Project. This project involve creating a human-squid hybrid which people were killed if they knew about the project and the result of the research was Ika Fire who's now destroying Nikotamagawa in a sea of flames. Police cars were being destroy left and right by Ika as they tried to take him with guns. The gun-crazy police officer continues to attack the squid with a volley of grenades but Ika manages to recover all its damage. Rentarou manages to face the squid which Ika wants to have some revenge for what his father did to him. Ika is planning to burn down the office, bath house person, meat shop lady, the people working in the shopping district, and Soujyu. The squid runs away as Rentarou takes a police bike to chase after it while another police officer tries to convince him not to go. He recounts the conversation with Shimojima while Soujyu and the others were watching the news which they follow Rentarou on the bike. He calls Soujyu which he asked if she's alright which she is as she asks him to stop chasing after Ika and come back to her so they can have fun with just the two of them. Rentarou tells her that they aren't two but three as he will come back and get Sara. He catches up the squid as the army tries to stop Ika but it defeats the army easily. Rentarou manages to get through the fiery remains of the army as Ika tells Rentarou if he can overtake him that he will eat peanuts through his nose. Ika attacks Rentarou with missiles which he manages to avoid them until it sprays some oil-like substance which blinds him and makes him crash.

Shimojima watches the news while drinking alone while the news covers the destruction and don't show Rentarou as he hobbles on the highway. The two officers from before find Rentarou which they wanted to take him to a hospital quickly but he ignores them. Souyju believes that he will be coming back once he defeats Ika so they can become three again. The news helicopters run away after one of them was shot down by Ika. Suddenly, a trail of motorcycles headed towards Ika which Rentarou is in the front with his motorcycle buddies that he hanged out when he was 16. Ika runs away from them as Rentarou manages to catch up to it and remembers that he hated his old self and want to be with Sara and Soujyu again. Rentarou recovers in a hospital with Soujyu watching over him as he wonders what happened to Ika which he squirt out some ink at him and ran away. Shimojima visits Rentarou in the hospital and recounts the story about Ika. He goes saying on that Kimihiko and Sara's wedding is at another country because of Ika, Everyone in the shopping district says goodbye to Rentarou and Soujyu as they take a plane to Germany but Ika decides to fight Rentarou again which Rentarou has the only weapon that can defeat Ika which Shimojima gave to him.

This episode was mostly crazy action just like the first episode which I didn't mind as much but it was ok as Rentarou realizes that he wants to be with Sara and Soujyu again. The final two episodes will be focusing on Rentarou and Soujyu's journey to reunited with Sara who's in Germany getting married.


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