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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Futakoi Alternative 12

Sara sits alone in a giant castle at night wishing and remembering the good old days with Rentarou and Soujyu. Various arm dealers from around the world are attending the wedding as ICPO prepares to arrest all of them. Meanwhile, a guy in a squid mask talks to a bunch of people with or without squid masks and mentions their souls would be absorbed by the Ikaros wedding ring. He opens up bidding for the Ikaros series as the wedding is in the process. Sara remembers the conversation with Kimihiko which he said that everything is according to his father's will and likes her but it isn't love and will make her happy. Sara said I do to the marriage as Rentarou and Soujyu are still on their way. Sakurzuki has decided to make a deal with the Ika Fire. The people of the shopping district were resisting the redevelopment by doing a sit-in. The bulldozers suddenly transformed into mechas and begins to attack the people. Sara and Kimihiko were about to put the rings on their fingers when Rentarou and Soujyu crashed the wedding in a literal way with the airplane.

Rentarou tells Sara that he wants her and Soujyu to be with him together forever. He tells Kimihiko that the wedding is a shame as the Wadatsumi group is behind the scenes as they want to make human-squid hybrids which Sara doesn't believe him at all until Soujyu pulls out a newspaper proving otherwise. Suddenly, Sara and Kimihiko were taken away by some elevator as the Priest and others transform into Ika Fires. Kimihiko and Sara manages to escape but sees a bunch of Ika Fires as the Police and Yakuza fight off the mechas with no success until Sakurazuki destroy one of the mechas with his artifical hand. He decided to let go of Ainosuke of his duties with the family but he refused to leave. The shopping district, the police, and the Sakurazuki unite to fight off the mechs while Rentarou has been defeating Ika Fires left and right. The fight becomes hopeless as more Ika Fires emerged from statues but the Sakurazuki twins and Shimajima in a baseball uniform shows up to fight off the Ika Fires while Rentarou and Soujyu go off to get Sara. The auctioneer guy begins to take buyers for the self-destruction button for the castle. Kimihiko fights off an Ika Fire as the auctioneer pushed the button for the self-destruct. Soujyu and Rentarou head up to the upper levels as Soujyu senses that Sara is there and began to say what they would do once the three of them are reunited. Kimihiko tells Sara to go back to Rentarou and Soujyu as they see each other. Rentarou tells Soujyu to wait for him as he goes get Sara and kisses her before heading off to get Sara.

This episode had some craziness with the Ika Fires and Bulldozer Mechs but Rentarou, Soujyu, and Sara get to see each other after so long being apart. It was a good episode overall but this series has been hard to blog for me. I'll go over that in the final episode and review which is the next episode as everything will be resolved in the next episode.


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