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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ginban Kaleidoscope 2

Pete talks to God which he tells him that he can't enter Heaven for 100 days because of his sins. He drops Pete from the stairs and enters into Tazusa's body while she was skating. A guy types up an article about Tazusa and another skater. It's day three since Pete has possessed Tazusa which her life has been roughed with him around like people looking at her weird when she talks to Pete, dressing with a blindfold, and unable to concentrate on practice. She even refuses to take a bath or go to the bathroom because he sees what she sees. Pete tries to make her go to the bathroom but it just makes Tazusa hit her on a pillow which Youko sees and tells that breakfast is ready. While eating breakfast, she finds a way to hurt Pete without hurting herself which is eating tomatoes as Pete hates the taste of tomatoes. She begins to eat a bunch of tomatoes as Youko and Takashima look at her wondering if the stress of skating is affecting her mind. Takashima tells Tazusa that the press conference is for tomorrow while Mishiro tells her to wear her Buddhist statue face. While Tazusa was jogging, Pete asks her what's the press conference for which is to talk about the last tournament. She explains to him about the Winter Sports Boom in Japan which she and another skater named Shitou Kyouko who's the top skater in Japan and has a nice stable glide unmatched in the world. Pete asks Tazusa why the media hates her which she explains that they hate her because of an incident in the World Championship. Both Shitou and Tazusa were supposed to perform at the event but Shitou had an injury and couldn't take part. Tazusa ended up in 17th place which causes the number of spots for Japan in Olympics reduced from three to one. The media decided to blame her for the slot reduction and eventually she got tired of the media and gave them a piece of her mind. So now, Shitou is viewed as the tragic injured skater reaching for the Olympics while Tazusa is the devil skater who caused Japan's humilitation. Pete tells Tazusa to stay cool and calm at the press conference which makes her eat some tomatoes to insult him. The press conference was about to begin when Tazusa's stomach is beginning to feel effects of eating too many tomatoes. Tazusa, Takashima, and Mishiro are ready to answers questions for the press.

The press asks Tazusa about her thoughts on the second round and along with what will happen now which she doesn't give any real answers. Then one reporter asks her if this was a continuation of what happened with the Championship earlier and that some people would be worried if Tazusa was the representative for Japan which Mishiro manages to make him withdraw the question. Pete asks Tazusa about the attitude of the media which she explains that they are trying to bait her to saying something stupid. The same reporter mentions that Shitou and Tazusa will be going head to head in the HNK tournament which Tazusa says she doesn't care about but the media doesn't believe her. Suddenly the guy from earlier of the episode named Nitta Kazuya mentions that the speed on Tazusa's Triple Lutz was greater than usual as she wants to beat out Shitou and become number one. After he mentions the idea that she wanted to challenge Shitou, Tazusa decides to tell them that she wants to be the top skater in the world. Tazusa leaves the press conference which Pete tells her that Nitta force her into saying that. Later that night, Tazusa eats some more tomatoes as Pete mentions that she needs to go to the bathroom soon when Youko gave her the phone. The person who called was Nitta who asks her to meet with him tomorrow at 2 at the Excellent's Hotel lounge. The next day, Tazusa meets with Nitta who also invited Shitou as well. The three of them ordered drinks which Tazusa ordered a bunch of tomato products. Nitta asks them here so they can talk about each opinion without the rest of the press. He wants them to use their full potential in order to get Japanese figure skating popular and so he can write an article about it. Nitta leaves them to pay for the bill while Shitou and Tazusa are left alone. Shitou wanted to leave but Tazusu wouldn't allow her to leave which makes Shitou say that she feels sorry for Tazusa being an enemy of the media but will not be easy on her while skating. Tazusa agrees and runs to the bathroom as she ate too many tomatoes.

This episode shows some of the problems that Tazusa has to deal with like the media, Shitou, and Pete. The interaction between Tazusa and Pete was great as she will eat tomatoes in order to annoy him. I still think the series has potential but we will see. The next episode will have Tazusa face off against Shitou in the HNK tournament along her school exams.


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