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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 47

Athrun carries the dead body of Meer through two rows of soldiers on the Archangel. Lacus goes through her stuff and sees a disk which contains her personal diary. It starts off with the day that she removed the bandages to look like Lacus Clyne. Meer begins to study how Lacus would act in everyday life. At this point, she begins to recount the feelings she felt during the events in Destiny. After hearing the diary, Athrun talks to Kira about his time with Meer which Kira said he would like to believe Dullindal's words if he and Lacus wasn't being targeted. Lacus cries on Kira and says that she wouldn't forget her songs. They put Meer in a casket with flowers surrounding her. Dullindal addresses to everyone about the past wars and ask what are the causes of wars. He says that it's because of the innate ignorance and greed of humanity which shocks everyone at first. Then Dullindal tells everyone about the Destiny Plan which he calls the final defense plan for the continued existance of mankind.

At least this clip episode had some new footage compared with the previous clip episode. Meer truly wanted to be Lacus and didn't even care if she was a fake. Dullindal announces his Destiny Plan which will remove greed and hatred from the human equation but at the cost of choice. Utopia has a huge price to pay which is something I believe shouldn't be pay because without choice, life would be boring. The next episode will start the Archangel's quest to stop the Destiny Plan.


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