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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 48

The Destiny Plan computer shows a little cartoon on how the plan will take into effect as people who have the natural talent to do a job will be in place while removing the people who are doing the job but have no natural talent for it. Rey and Shinn talk about the Destiny Plan as Shinn realizes that the world may not be ready for the plan but Rey tells him that they are going to create and protect that world. Lunamaria tries to talk to Shinn but Rey tells her to go away harshly. Rey continues to tell Shinn that people must change or they won't be saved which he uses Stellar as an example of someone who shouldn't die like that. Rey begins to feel weak and takes some pills as Arthur and Talia are having a similar conversation which they feel uneasy about the plan. Orb and Scandinavia decided that they refused the Destiny Plan as the other countries are hesistant to make a decision about the Plan.

The Archangel and Eternal have a discussion about the Destiny Plan which they must find a way to stop it and must fight no matter what. Dullindal is preparing to fire the Requiem cannon as one of his advisors told him about Orb and Scandinavia's refusal along with movements at Arzachel Base. He decides to fire the Requiem at Arzachel Base and tells the Lunar Fleet about it. Rey tells Shinn that he has a chronic disease and not to forget their conversation earlier along with believing in Dullindal. Then he tells Shinn that he's dying because of short telomeres due to the cloning process while Dullindal fires the Requiem cannon at Arzachel which surprises the Minerva crew along with Yzak. The blast took out most of the Alliance's military threat as the Archangel prepares to meet up with the Eternal while Dullindal asks Shinn and Rey to come to him with Destiny and Legend.

Basically this episode setups the final battle for the fate of humanity as the Archangel, Eternal, and any other forces opposed to the Destiny Plan as they must take the Requiem cannon and Dullindal's command base. I don't think the character issues will be resolve in two episodes but hopefully they could at least wrap up the Destiny angle. I really hope that there will some major battles in the last two episodes of Destiny because most Gundam series has a huge battle in the end. The next episode seem to be focused on our clone Rey along with a battle.


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