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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ichigo 100% OVA 5

Junpei walks to school when Toujou slap him on the back and was being so not herself which shocks him for the entire day. He goes to his film club for a meeting which they try to think up of a movie to do. Komiyami wants to do an action flick, Misuzu wants adventure while Satsuki wants a horror flick. Kozue begins to think of sexual thoughts with Junpei being a vampire while Junpei thinks that they should a movie on the life of a high school student. He asks Toujou about the idea which she suggests that she wants to do a gangster movie which is not normal for her as she usually writes about love stories. Toujou went to the bathroom which the others are trying to figure out what's going on with Toujou. Their reasons ranged from personal trauma to a split personality. She comes back to the room and tries to drag Junpei away which Satsuki fights back until Toujou said that she loved him. The next day, Toujou is still isn't herself as she acts playful with Junpei. He talks with Komiyami and Sotomura about the current situation and after their talk, they bumped into Satsuki. She becomes all freaked out and runs away instead of beating the crap out of them. Junpei talks to Satsuki which she cries to him for seeing her panties and acts like Toujou. Kurokawa and Chinami sees Sotomura and Komiyami which they aren't acting like themselves (Kurokawa being all prim and proper while Chinami is an arrogant know it all). Kurokawa takes away Sotomura's camera and sees his pictures of girls which makes her throw the camera away. The camera hits Junpei's head which Sotomura uses Junpei's head as a springboard to grab his camera. Then he takes Junpei and runs away along with Komiyami.

Junpei and the other guys are thinking about what's happening to the girls when Misuzu entered the room and acts like a slut. Then Kozue shows up and steps on Komiyami's face and private parts which she acts like a man-hater. The guys run away from them once again and realized that Nishino could be in trouble. They went to her school and sees her using the Kansei dialict and being all cheerful. The guys tried to hide from Nishino but she found them. She wanted to do something with Junpei which the other guys make him as cannon-fodder. Then Yui shows up being completely tanned which the guys ran away from them again. While at the park, Toujou shows up which she was worried about Junpei as he wants the real Toujou back. Then he falls off some thing along with Toujou and sees her panties when the strawberry part was alive. She explains that it's from a faraway planet called Ichigo Pantsu which they don't believe at all as she tells them that she wants to conquer the world. Toujou summons the other girls who's also under their control and chases after them. The guys split apart to avoid them but it doesn't last long as Sotomura and Komiyami was captured by them as they experience great pleasure being caught by them. Junpei is cornered by all eight of them and realizes that he needs to take off the panties. He takes off Toujou's panties to find that they are still there regardless how many he takes off. Then he decides to put a pair on which kills the aliens and freed the girls from their control. The girls are back to normal but they are freaked out by Junpei wearing Toujou's panties and starts beating the crap out of him except for Toujou and Kozue as Sotomura films the scene.

I really think that the OVA would be better if it was just Toujou wasn't being herself but no, they had to effect everyone and make it stupid with the damn Ichigo Pantsu aliens. They could have a serious OVA instead of a stupid comedy one. I'm still trying to figure out if this one is worse or the previous one. For people who have just watched the anime version of Ichigo, do yourself a favor and read the entire manga. It's so much better than this pile of garbage of an OVA.


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