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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo 2

A guy calls on some girl's named Ryouko cellphone who immediately sends her request for revenge to Hell's Correspondence. Ai's grandmother tells Ai that she has received a request for revenge. Back at the girl's home, her home phones rings which same person calls saying "Lost, lost little kitty, where do you..." which makes her father, Takamura mad at the guy while the mother comforts Ryouko. The father chases the guy's car away with a golf club while Ryouko's cellphone rings with the message of acceptance from Ai. The next day, Takamura talks to one of the inspectors named Akimoto about why hasn't Ryouko's stalker been caught yet as it has been over a year since she was being stalked. Another inspector named Kisaragi shows up and asks Akimoto to get some coffee for him. Kisaragi tells Takamura that it's taking so long because the stalker is Akimoto and they have to be careful in capturing him. He asks Takamura to act normal around Akimoto so the operation wouldn't be in danger. Ryouko gets a text message from the stalker while heading to school. One of the teachers directs Ryouko into the science room but she's actually one of Ai's helpers and the room leads to Hell. Ai talks to Ryouko about the conditions of the revenge as Ryouko tells her about her one yell of torment. It started with love letters that were sent everyday, then he started sending things like dead flowers, a headless doll, and dead insects. The next step was that he made phone calls and text messages but after moving many times, the calls keep coming and recently, she's been stalked physically by the guy. One day, he managed to get a maid costume inside her room even though her room lock has been changed many times. Ai tells Wanyuudou to transform into the doll and tells her about the rules of Hell. Ryouko is tormented with the idea of going to Hell.

Takumura sees the stalker nearby and decides to attack him but he sees Akimoto dead and gets knocked out by the real stalker. Ryouko approaches Takumura's car and sees Kisaragi in the car instead which she realizes that he's the real stalker. He takes her to some abandoned building and is about to smash her head with a shovel. He asks her why she doesn't love him which she says that it's painful. He goes insane and starts attacking her which made her pull the string on the doll. One of Ai's helpers disguise as a policeman chases Kisaragi away from Ai. Ai's grandmother tells Ai that preparations for the 70th person are ready which Ai heads out. At the hosiptal, Ryouko and her mother are watching over Takumura as Kisaragi prepares to take his revenge on Ryouko but Ai and her helpers are beginning the revenge. First, Kisaragi sees a pool of blood along with some hands trying to grab him. He sees that Takumura has been declared and waits for the doctor (Wanyuudou) to leave before trying to kill Ryouko. Takumura's body transform into a skeleton and attacks Kisaragi. He manages to get the skeleton off of him and sees that the skeleton is actually him. Then, Ai and her helpers surround him to send him to Hell. Kisaragi is ferried to hell as the woman helper begins to feast upon him and quotes the words that he said to Ryouko. Now Ryouko enjoys a normal life with her friends and family before being sent to Hell when she dies.

It's a rather frightening thing when a girl being stalked by a police officer. You're trying to get rid of the stalker by coming to the police but your efforts are counteractive as the stalker knows everything and can counter any efforts in trying to capture him. After a year of torment, Ryouko can enjoy a normal life but has to go to Hell as her payment for allowing Ai to take revenge for her. The next episode will have the first guy taking up the offer fn revenge as Iwashita Daisuke wants revenge on a sempai on the baseball team.


  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Jigoku Shoujo definitely caught my eye and interest, hope more eps can sub faster and the show would concentrate more on Hell Girl herself, Enma Ai.


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