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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Karin 1

On a sunny day, a girl vampire bites on a boy on a dock which was a dream that she has in the present. The girl vampire named Karin Maaka gets ready for school by herself. There are five people in her family including herself. While at school, one of Karin's friends named Maki talks to Karin as she sits out of PE class. She mentions that Karin usually feels a little bit ill around this time of the month. Meanwhile, Karin's teacher is showing a new student around as he came in late because he got lost along the way. The new student named Kenta Usui introduces himself to the class of 1-D as Karin feels a pain in her chest when Usui looked at her and collaspes. Maki takes Karin to the nurse's office as Karin wanted to bite Maki's neck but she fights the urge to do so. The class vice president, Naitou talks to Usui if he has any questions about anything. Karin returns to class which she feels another sudden urge when she looked at Usui. She leaves the school and sends a text message to Anju. Karin walks in the park which she notices a guy sitting on a bench and tries to bite him only to trip over a rock. The guy wakes up to see Karin on the ground and asks around for help when Karin bites him. Usui walks in the same park under the suggestion of the teacher as a shortcut to go back home. He sees Karin biting on the guy which the guy collaspes. Anju suddenly appears and uses some magic to erase his memory of Karin while her doll, Boogie insults Karin for being a failure. The guy from earlier wakes up and suddenly has more energy to do work compared from a few minutes ago with no energy. Karin thinks that no one else saw her but Usui actually did see her.

Back at Karin's home, her mother, Karera Marker spits out some blood that her father, Henry Marker gave to her because it wasn't strong enough her taste. Karin enters into the room and turns on the lights which blinds everyone but her. Karera throws a slipper at her for doing so. Karin explains that her family is made up of vampires who moved from the mainland to Japan. Anju is Karin's younger sister who's vampire abilities hasn't awaken yet and which allows her to go out during sunset and cloudy days. She also has an older brother named Ren who usually spends most of his days at other woman's houses while he sucks their blood. Boogie mentions what happened today with the rest of the family which Karin gets insulted and hit with a slipper by Karera. After Karin spoke back to her, Karera knocks her out with the slipper. Karin is a freak vampire as she can go out in the sun and hates the dark. She wonders why her body reacted to Usui so strongly. The next day, Karin is determined if it was an one time thing or not. Karin runs into Usui while heading to school which her body becomes crazy over him and runs away from him. She decides to avoid Usui for the entire day but that's easier said than done as she encounters him throughout and keeps running away from him. The school day is over with but her troubles aren't over as her body reacts to him again and runs away. Maki talks to Usui about Karin and tells him that she's being worrying about something. Usui meets up with a crazed Karin while Anju and Boogie remembers Karin's first day. Usui tells her about what happened in the park and suddenly becomes dizzy. She almost fell down the stairs if Usui didn't catch her in time and suddenly bleeds out a lot of blood from her nose. She actually produces blood instead of sucking it from other people.

It's a rather interesting series about a life of the abnormal vampire, Karin. She reminds of that one girl in the Munsters where she looked like a human instead of a monster like the rest of her family. There will some crazy moments as Karin tries to keep her secret hidden from the rest of the world and her huge nosebleeds. It's only other comedy series in the season which will help the people for looking for their comedy fix. There was no OP for this episode but I have no like or dislike for the ED though. The next episode will have Karin dealing with Usui as he saw her with the guy earlier and her nosebleed.


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