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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Lamune 1

A kid plays in a small pool of water on the beach catching hermit crabs which a girl asks him what he's doing. While the kid was boasting about his knowledge of crabs, the girl was allowing his crabs to run away and saying goodbye to them. He gets mad at her for not calling them hermit crabs and allowing the crabs escape. He puts a crab on her head which she cries and runs away. Later in the day, the kid comes back to his house which his sister tells him where his room is. He goes out into the balcony and sees the girl from earlier which he mentions that he sees her panties. Years later, the kid is now in high school and ignores his alarm so he can dream of a video game. He has breakfast and yells at her sister for not waking her up which she mentions that it's her turn for something. He goes back to his room and jumps over to the girl's balcony which her name is Namani. He sees the room is empty and tries to find her outside her room but she was actually in the space between the wall and her bed. The guy named Kenji (or Ken by Nanami) wakes her up and tells her to get ready because they have a test today but she has a problem getting out of the space which he helps her to get out of. Ken and Nanami head out to school which her mother waved at her. On their way to school, Nanami tries to fix her ribbon on her uniform but has problems with it. Ken makes things worse as he tickles her and takes her bag hostage. They arrived at school and say hi to Tae who's an upper classman. While Nanami and Ken walk to class, a girl looks at Ken with awe.

Ken talks to his friend, Tanowa about the test today which Tanowa hopes that he doesn't have to go to summer school. Ken and Nanami left school together and went to Nanami's mother restrauant for lunch. Ken really love the vegetables (eggplant) which he had to carry when they went to the field last time. Nanami's mother asks her to get some eggplant, soybeans, pumpkins, and corn from the field which Ken is glad to help but refuses the suggestion for a wagon. Before they head out to the field, Ken puts a straw hat on Nanami. Ken and Nanami began to pick out various crops that they need. He notices the watermelons and decides to have one while she was watering the plants but he doesn't notice the writing on them which says, "Nanami, don't eat." She notices that Ken has eaten her Nanami Special watermelon and asks how it's a Nanami special which she points to the writing. They sat down and eat watermelon which Ken keeps eating her piece. They go back to their homes which Ken tells her that she needs to wake him up.

This series is only 12 episodes long and seems to be an Ai Yori Aoshi type of anime where there are girls trying to get the main character but he only loves one girl. The girl he loves is the girl next door which they have a balcony across their rooms. I'm not sure where the anime will go as there's no conflict yet. I'll continue to be watching it but not blogging it. The next episode seems to focus on Ken and Nanami again.


  • At 1:40 PM, Anonymous fei-fei said…

    I'd just seen Lamune about 2-3 episodes.
    ^--^// It's so funny.


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