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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Law of Ueki 27

Ueki and Mori are a train looking for one more teammate and have a flashback for the reason why. They told Rinko and Sano about Robert being controlled by Anon which Tenko hasn't heard of any Heavenly Being like that. Ueki notices God's assistant who tells them that the second round will be in three weeks which teams of up to five people can be formed. Also, you can make people join with you by battle is allowed and won't lose your powers if you get knocked out. Rinko suggests a person named Souya Hideyoshi since everyone who has fought him says that they don't want to fight again. Mori looks up Souya on the PC and sees a picture of a gorilla where his photo is. Ueki and Mori finds Souya washing a car which he's enjoying it so much and manages to get Mori and Ueki to wash the car as well. Souya actually cons Mori and Ueki to wash someone else's car while he gets paid for doing nothing and runs away from them but Ueki catches up to him. Ueki asks Souya to join him but he refused his request and asked if they were someone's servants which they had no idea. Souya didn't want to fight anymore and decides to use his power to transform a rock into a huge meteor. Ueki protects Mori for the impact but it was a ploy as Souya sprays a packet of soy sauce into Ueki's eyes and runs away. Ueki notices a paper sunflower on the ground that Souya dropped which leads them to the Sun House that Souya is taking care of some kids. Ueki returns to the paper sunflower to Souya which he thanks him for it and asks about what Souya meant by someone else's servants. He tells them that his God Candidate Zack wants him to join a team for the next round but he refuses him since he hangs around evil people and couldn't leave the kids to fight. Zack decides to get rid of the source for Souya's decision not to fight. Ueki notices a kid named Kintarou that was sitting alone and tries to make him to play with the other kids but he ends up crying. Souya takes Kintarou on his back and plays with the kids. One of the kids explains to Mori and Ueki that Kintarou doesn't do anything on his own and just cries if you force him to do something. Mori removes Kintarou away from Souya and tells him to fight on his own. He cries again which Mori tells him that even though you don't have the talent for it, you can do it if you can tried hard enough. He asks who have said that which she points to Ueki and asks him if there was anything that he couldn't do before but can now which he couldn't provide a good example. Kintarou asks Ueki to do backflips for an entrie day.

During the night, Kintarou sees Ueki practicing backflips and thinks that nothing changes by trying hard before seeing feathers on the ground. Souya and Ueki checks out the broken cage while one of Zack's men kidnaps Kintarou. Ueki and Souya chase after the guy and sees a guy named Yugo nearby. Souya runs Yugo but Ueki knocks him down in order to avoid a surprise attack by Niko. He fools Yugo with his fake power to make walls falls on people and gives him a pinch on the butt to make him chase after him. Ueki faces off against Niko who can make his hair into a drill that spins at 300 km/hr but he manages to defeat him with a simple Ressen attack. Kintarou tells Ueki that they are going to destroy the Sun House while Souya was gone because it was the reason why Souya refuses to join them. Ueki tells Kintarou to get Souya but he cries as usual until Ueki shows him that he can do a backflip after trying so hard. Yugo uses his power to change rubber balls into acid on Souya which he uses his true power to project his voice on a portrait to get Yugo away from him. Kintarou finds Souya and tells him of the situation but before they could do anything, Yugo finds them. They go to a warehouse which Souya makes Yugo to hit some targets with his balls. This was all part of a plan to distract him so he could attack him with Wasbi. Kintarou thinks up a plan to fight back which to fake fight and while Yugo is distract with the portaits, they would attack him at the same time. Meanwhile, Ueki is having a hard time defending the Sun House from attack as he gets suck up in a dark vortex.

This episode introduces Souya and some of Zack's team. Souya's power is rather limited in use and could be the weakest of Ueki's team depending on what Mori's power is. I'm beginning to think that Mori's power won't be revealed until the second round battles. Ueki manages to be great as his personality doesn't really annoy me unlike some other characters with similar characteristics. The next episode will have Ueki and Souya fighting off Zack's team to protect the Sun House along with Mori being useless as she was tied up along with the kids.


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