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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Law of Ueki 28

Souya and Kintarou run towards the Sun House when Kintarou falls down because of his feet. Souya gave him his shoes to use as Zack, Captian, and Mario managed to capture Mori and the rest of the kids. Mario prepares to destroy the house with his power as Ueki is trapped underground. Souya managed to appear before Mario could use his power to change into a Super Dynamic Elegant Ball aka a huge billard ball. Mario tries to run over Souya with the ball but failed. Then Souya uses his power to make it appear that there were kids inside so they can't destroy the house as they will lose Zai if they hurt non-power users. Mario falls for the trick but Captain realizes the trick and mentions if he combines his power with Souya's, it would be a strong combination. Captain uses his power of turning his breath into freezing gas to freeze Souya's hands and feet. Mori realizes how the combination would work as Souya would project Captain's voice around the room so he could freeze the entire room. Zack tells that Souya's limit is that he needs to bend a finger or toe for the power to work. Kintarou watches the battle and blames himself for Souya's current situation. Mario uses his power to score a direct hit on Souya who manages to be still awake. Souya realizes that Ueki hasn't appeared yet as Niko appears from underground. He was about to destroy the house from underground as Ueki shot the Kurogane at Niko.

Ueki uses Ressen on Mario to send him into a hole like a billard ball. Mori asks Ueki what took him so long which he fell into one of Niko's holes. Kintarou begins to free the other children as he tells them that he isn't the same person that he was. The kids go into the house so Zack won't destroy the house. Kintarou frees Mori and Souya as Ueki tries to use Kurogane against Captain which he uses his level two power to make the ball so fragile that it would shatter. Captain tries to use his power on Ueki which he avoids it with Raika until he slips on the red ice and freezes Ueki's hands and feet. Captain begins to freeze Ueki's body which somehow freezes his body as well because of Souya's power. Souya was about to punch Captain when he said "reset" to melt all the ice away. Ueki summons the Seven-Star Treasure, Galiper which green squares appear on the ground and tells Captain not use his power or otherwise he will be defeated in 0.5 seconds. Captain didn't listen to Ueki's warning and used his power which a box captured him from the ground. Ueki became a Seven-Star after he got back from Dogura Mansion which he didn't Mori or the others. Captain is now encased in a block of red ice. Zack continues to chase after the kids which he sees that his goons were defeated. Mori and Ueki shows up and mentions that God Candidates can't destroy human's belongings and that they can't attack power users or they go to Hell. Zack tells them that Souya has no interest in joining them because his original God Candidate, Nero wanted to stay in the human world. Souya became a power user to make Nero's wish to come true but Nero attack a power user and went to Hell. Ueki doesn't care if Souya joins up with them or not as he just wanted to help him which Mori says that they going to save the Heavenly Beings who have went to Hell. Zack hears Souya and runs away but it was a trick as Souya ambushs him from above and put his underwear in his mouth. Kintarou tells Souya to join them so he can save Nero and that the kids can take care of themselves now. Souya decides to join up with Ueki's team as the fifth member.

This episode as Ueki showing off his Seven-Star treasure, Galiper which surrounds the person in a box in 0.5 seconds. Souya joins up with Ueki as the last member of their team for the second round. I think that they will meet with Zack's team once again when it's all said and done. I still want to know what Mori's power is though. The next episode has Ueki becoming Eight-Star and wants to become Nine-Star but Tenko might die in the process. Also Yocchan makes an appearence after ten or so episodes of being gone.


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