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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Law of Ueki 29

Tenko remembers a time when a young girl found him on a rainy day which was interrupted when Ueki clears the Eight-Star test. Ueki asks Tenko what's the next test which is balance. Mori came by to give them lunch and mend Ueki's injuries while Tenko thinks to himself that a Heavenly Beast can only raise up to seven star levels before they die. So once Ueki completes the nine star test, he will die which he's not going to tell Ueki until the moment of death as he will refuse to do it if he knew. Tenko has no regrets dying if he helps Ueki reaching to Nine-Star. Mori brings out the bentos which contain some moving parts like squid and lobster. Ueki refuses to eat along with Tenko which makes Mori cry and wanted to eat it all. After seeing that, Tenko eats the bento which he likes but she refuses to allow Ueki to eat even though he managed to steal a few bites. Tenko remembers the fun times that he had while in Heaven before being locked up in Hell until Kobasen released him. He tells Ueki that he can take the test in three days. Meanwhile, Yocchan decides to visit Rinko and Sano in the hositpal which they talk about Souya. Sano has concern that if Souya wins that Zack would be God but Souya told Mori that he would want Kobasen or Inumaru God as he just wants Nero out of hell. Mori asks what type of God Candidate is Rinko's since she hasn't talked about her God Candidate at all. She tells them about Nike who's a servant of Margaret which Rinko has no intention to make him God and hasn't seen him as well. Ueki thinks about he hasn't seen Yocchan in a while as he wants to tell him that he wants to make Kobasan or Inumaru God. Yocchan was outside of the room when Rinko tells them that he wouldn't show his face since he was a servant of Margaret; Sano says that he's worthless as a God Candidate; and Mori wants to beat him senseless which Yocchan begins to cry in front of them. He explains that he didn't swear loyalty to Margaret as he just wanted to be God's Assistant. Ueki decides to forgive Yocchan for what he did as he promises that Kobasan or Inumaru would make him their assistant. Mori talks to Tenko about what he would do after the Battle is over with which Ueki suggests that he would stay here since he can't go back to Heaven. During the night, Tenko decides to live a little bit longer as he will tell Ueki that the Awakening Organ isn't working right. Later the night, Ueki practices his balance and takes Tenko because he didn't want his family to see him. Ueki's training convinces Tenko to allow Ueki to go through the Awakening Organ to become a Nine-Star.

The next day, Mori, Rinko, Sano, and Yocchan await for Souya's arrival at the train station while Ueki trains with Tenko. Rinko and Mori still don't trust Yocchan until he tells them about Tenko will die after Ueki becoming a Nine-Star which amazes everyone. Mori begins to head to Ueki but Yocchan says that once Ueki is in the Organ that he can't anything on the outside. She realizes that Ueki will never recover over the loss of Tenko if he died for raising his Star Level and bumps into Souya a few seconds afterwards. Ueki enters into the Awakening Organ which the Navi-Beast explains the test to him. Tenko remembers the times that he has been through with Ueki as Yocchan carries Mori and the others with Raika. Mori meets with Tenko but it was too late as Ueki has already entered the Organ. Mori tries to reach out to Ueki as the Navi-Beast begins to close the entrance after giving warnings similar to ones for a roller coaster. Ueki hears Mori's voice with Souya's power and stops the entrance from closing completely. After hearing what will happen to Tenko, Ueki leaves the Organ which Tenko tells him it would take five years to reach Nine-Star. Tenko says that he wants to be use but Ueki wants Tenko around because Tenko is a friend and doesn't want to lose him. Tenko decides not to put Ueki through the Awakening Organ and will not forget the days he has spent with him. God has just came up with the rules for the Second Round which his Assistant is surprised at.

This episode has the return of Yocchan who becomes an ally of Ueki not an enemy no more. I really like Tenko in this episode as he was willing to die for Ueki. Also when Rinko, Mori, and Sano were insulting Yocchan earlier was very funny to me. I still like this series very much as the next episode will have the second and third round which Ueki and the crew fighting the Chrono team.


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