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Friday, November 04, 2005

Mai Otome 4

Arika manages to hold up the falling plane but her power is unable to keep her to hold the plane any longer. She loses most of the clothes and begins to fall when another Otome catches her and easily holds up the plane as well. The Otome is from Airies and called The Ruby of Tin, Haruka who throws the plane very far. Arika and Nina hears the decision of the council for the both of them. Nina asks them to perform again which Natsuki refuses since they will have more opportiunities for it. The charges against Nina are dropped due to her winning the performance as Arika's potential will allow her to be accepted in the school. Arika thanks Natsuki but she tells her that the real thanks belong to Yukino and Hakura as they managed to convince Mashiro to allow her in. Haruka gives Arika some advice of succeeding in the school before leaving along with reminding Shizuru of her promise. Nina sees Nagi and Sergey off which they talked in the car about Arika after leaving Nina. Mashiro is annoyed that Arika got in the school along with the condition of the castle and now she has to fill out paperwork. Arika receives her uniform which she was told about some rules of becoming an Otome. An Otome cannot come in contact with members of the opposite sex because the nano machines would degenerate if come in contact of PSA and the Y chromosome in men which the Otome would produce antibodies for the machines and make them powerless. Once Arika becomes a Meister Otome, she will share her life with her master via her GEM which basically acts a two-way conduit as if she gets hurt, so does her master and vice versa. Natsuki gives Arika a Coral GEM as the final thing for being a student of the school. Yukariko asks Nina and Erstin for a favor.

The favor is that Arika is put into their room which Nina doesn't like being around Arika and rejects her friendship offer. She tells her that everyone in the school is a rival as they want to become an Otome the fastest. Erstin tells Arika that only half of the Corals are able to become Pearls which are the second year students which only a few are able to become Meister Otomes. Natsuki and Maria are talking about Arika's way to pay for the school which she has no way to pay for it because of no family. Maria leaves the room as Shizuru and Natsuki talked about how putting Nina and Arika will increase the rivalry between them as Shizuru and Haruka's did along with Natsuki's own rivalry. They continue to talk about the Black Valley and Aswardo, which is a Martial Arts Union that existed since the War of the 12 Kingdoms. Natsuki didn't expect to have a situation like Arika's otherwise she would have created a scholarship for just that case. Arika looks at the bill which she wasn't too happy about it. She talks to Irina and Erstin about finding a way to pay for the bill which they get funded by either their country or their parents. Lilie, Yayoi, and Miya were amazed by Arika's background as they thought she was a princess of another country or had great support. Tomoe gives her help to Arika if she needs it as Mikoto spills Arika's dinner on her uniform which Tomoe tries to clean up. The others had to leave dinner in order to attend to the Pearl students as their room attendants. Chloe talks to Shiro about Arika which Shiro hates her with a passion but Akane supports her enrollment. Arika was going to wash her uniform but couldn't since the washers were being used and puts it in a basket for tomorrow. Meanwhile, Nian sings a song during the night while remembering a time when she looked at a photo album of Sergey's. She sees Nao sneaking out which she tells Nina not to copy her since she's her room attendant and not to worry about Arika. Arika remembers the past few days as she tries to sleep and is one step closer to her dream. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl picks up Arika's unclean uniform in the laundry room.

This episode explains some the background information of the Otomes as they have a similarity to the Himes as if they or their master dies that the other will die as well but the difference is that the Himes will live on as the Otomes will not. I liked the way that Haruka and Yukino have switched places in Otome compared when they were in Hime. I think that being an Otome is really a lonely life as they don't get love anyone else and giving up their happiness to serve their masters for the rest of their life is too big of a piece. There are more mysteries are revealed as Natsuki reveals a rivalry she had during her time at the school. The series is getting more interesting and liking every minute of it. The next episode will have Arika's real first day at the school along with Nina getting into an interesting situation.


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