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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mai Otome 5

Arika starts her first day with all smiles and such as she tries to wake up Nina but it was Arika dreaming as Erstin tries to wake her. They had to do one hour of cleaning every morning before they could eat breakfast and finally going to class. Natsuki takes Sergey and Nagi around the academy which they passed by Arika's classroom. Sergey notices that Nina is paying attention while Arika is having a mental spasm attack. Shizuru suddenly tells Natsuki something which makes her leave the company of Nagi and Sergey. She tells her that something went on sale at a store called Backstage which even Maria asks if Natsuki has heard the news. Nagi and Sergey decided to leave Natsuki and the others so they deal with their business. Irina looks at the bewildered Arika and tells her that PE is next which excites Arika so much. Erstin asks Arika if she brought her gym clothes which Arika remembers that she forgot to do something. Before she could figure out what it was, Shiho bursts into the room and takes Arika away into another room which Akane and Chie were present. Shiho shows Arika the uniform that was supposed to be wash but it's not only clean but torn at one place. She accuses Arika for selling her uniform to Backstage. Sergey and Nagi discuss the incident in their car which Backstage is a store that sells various Otome items like uniforms, figures, and any other otaku item you can think of. Sergey believes that Arika didn't sell her uniform because she's too naive to do such a thing. Nagi suggests that he should pay for her bills which surprised Sergey a little bit and say that she has a slim chance of becoming Meister Otome. Shiho continues to accuse Arika of selling her uniform which she said she didn't do but Shiho doesn't buy it especially that she hates everything that she stands for. Maria and Natsuki entered the room to tell them that they are taking over the case as they have better judgement than the other three (Akane and Chie could do it but Shiho is another thing). Natsuki shows Arika a letter that a mysterious person send which he will help her out because her mother cared for her when he was younger. Maria tells Arika that she will be confined to her room for leaving her uniform unattended along with the whole selling it thing. Lilie, Yayoi, and Miya were gossiping about Arika selling her uniform which Tomoe tells them to stop. Nina remembers the conversation between her and Nao last night and thinks she might have something to do about it. Erstin asks Nina what they should do about which she doesn't care what happens to her. Mashiro is happy about the news and wanted to mock her in person but Aoi tells her that she must do the paperwork on her desk. Arika reads the letter by her mysterious patron which she doubts that she can trust him. Nina enters into the room which Arika asks her if everyone hates her. She tells her that if she thinks that she should leave and forget about her dream. Those words made Arika remember that she can't give up her dream and decides to search for the truth with the help of Irina and Erstin along with some assistance of Chie and Akane. Nina is all annoyed and kicks a tree that Nao was sitting on which she asks a favor from.

Erstin and Irina manages to get Maria's permission to the city with Akane's word. So Erstin, Irina, and Arika arrived at a cafe which Arika is in awe of it when Akane's friend, Kazuya Krause who's a second year student at Windbloom University shows up. Irina asks questions to Kazuya about the man who sold the uniform to Backstage which the store did the mending and cleaning it as well. Kazuya mentioned that another person has asked the same question. Meanwhile, Nao goes to a bar with Nina and finds the guy who sold the uniform. Sergey talks to the three of them after Kazuya drove off and thinks that Arika sold the uniform which she tells him that she has someone supporting her. Arika and the others talked to Chie and Akane with their information when Mashiro appears to mock at her. She wanted to show Mikoto as well but she was on a tree and jumped over the fence with a handkerchief which gets caught on one of the spikes which Irina figures out the mystery. She deduces that Mikoto took the uniform from the laundry because of the smell of her favorite food. The cat took the uniform with her and when she jumped over the fence, the uniform got caught on the spike and rip at the seam. The rip on the uniform and on the handkerchief is the same. Basically, the uniform disappearing and being sold are two different things. Everyone but Arika didn't believe the explaination as Mashiro runs away to cover up her shame. Natsuki dropped all the charges against Arika as she accepted the mysterious patron. Nina confronts Miya about her stealing the uniform and selling it. She threatens her if she does it again that she will go against her. Miya runs off and meets up with someone which scares her greatly. Maria wonders to Natsuki if it was ok to conclude things like that along with the mysterious patron who is Sergey. It was Tomoe who told Miya to rip up the dress and place it on Arika's desk but Miya wanted to make some money at it.

Arika experienced her first taste of sadness as she was accused of selling her uniform. It really shows how the students in the school turned on someone for any possible wrongdoing and coming from a backwater country doesn't help things as some people judged that as well like Shiho for instance. I wonder who's picture is between Mai and Akane at Backstage. I don't recognized the person but it could be a younger Yukariko or Maria even. It looks like Nao still has her nails in Otome. There was also a nod between Aoi and Chie which was nice that they were good friends in Hime. It looks like Tomoe is the backstabbing Otome who acts all nice but really is evil. The question is why Tomoe wants to remove Arika from the picture even though she doesn't appear to be a threat. It seems that the number two Coral and Pearl students are the same as they appear nice and all but really are pure evil. The next episode is all about the swimsuits with Mashiro joining in the fun.


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