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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mai Otome 6

Arika is writing a letter to her mysterious patron, Sergey but having a hard time what to address him as she has to write these letters once a week. She pokes Nina after she refuses to help her which Nina gave the most unusual reaction. So Arika went on the attack which Nina paid her back the next day during combat training as she gave a massive beatdown on her. They tried to go at it again but Yukariko stops the both of them from fighting even further but she's worried about the both of them. So she decides to assign Arika as Nao's second Onee-sama who's the number 4 Pearl Student. Arika tells Irina about Nina's weak point which she uses on her but that only made her mad at Arika and beats the crap out of her. Yayoi tells Shiho about Nina's weakness and that Arika can't swim which she decides to get revenge on Nina. She goes to this swamp in the middle of the night which she summons a creature with her voodoo doll and a microphone attached (yes, I know what it can be also used as well). The next day, Arika calls the pool a big bath which Mashiro is also in attendence as she wants to make fun of Arika (even though her "royal" swimsuit looks like the standard school swimsuit used in normal Japanese schools). Yukariko has Arika practice putting her head underwater in a water pot which Mashiro is going to watch her as she couldn't put her head in the pot. In the end, she broke the pot after she tries to do a handstand with the pot as a base. While the rest of the Coral class is in the pool, various students were felt up by some worm. Nina is the first one to do a lap in the pool which Shiho has the creature attacks Nina which pulls her into the water. Yukariko was about to go after Nina when Arika goes after her instead even though she couldn't swim. Nina sees an image of a girl but couldn't make out the appearance very well and then got replace with Arika going after her.

Nina wakes in a bed which Sergey was with Yukariko, Yohko, Arika, and Estrin as Arika and Estrin saved her as Estrin did CPR on her which Nina felt embarrassed. Nao comes into the room which she greets Sergey into the Eden of Virgins and tells him that she has been getting the grades that he requested. Nao tells Arika that she is being supported by Artai's tax money which Sergey scouts for girls who could be Otome as Artai is a cold and poor country. Nagi doesn't have an Otome which he needs as his army cannot beat even one Meister Otome. Nao thinks that Arika and Nina are the same as they are both simple and stupid which she thinks that Nina is brooding that she disappointed Sergey as he took her in from an orphanage. Arika yells at Nao for calling Nina stupid which Nao says that Nina is interesting and tells her to leave her alone. Shiho tries to remove the creature from the pool but Maria was in the area who forces her to leave the area while someone replaces the sugar label with the salt label. The next day, Nina, Arika, Erstin, and Irina try to find the creature who attacked her in the library. Nina found the creature called the Gelle Anguille which is similar to eels and jellyfish on Earth and shows it to Maria, Shizuru, and Natsuki who just having a bad headache. Its body mass is almost entirely made up with water but in salt water, it becomes visible. Nina and the others begin to pour the sugar into the water which doesn't show the creature at all as Maria will punish them later. Shiho watches them clean up the pool which they found out that they pour sugar instead of salt and makes Nina mad at her. Suddenly, the water in the pool begins to drain as the creature becomes later as it swells up in sugar. The monster captures Shiho and Estrin and almost captures Irina but Nina saves her. Nina tries to attack the creature again and manages to cut off a tentacle but she ends getting caught as well. Suddenly, Nao frees Nina and Estrin from the creature but Shiho is still captured by the creature. Nao taunts Shiho for a second as she wanted to hear her say that she wants to save. Nao uses her infamous claws to defeat the monster which embarrasses Shiho a lot. Arika tells Sergey in her letter to him about her time in the school. Nina covers up Arika who fell asleep while writing her letter and calls her handwriting horrible.

This episode was in the spirit of episode 4 of Hime as a monster attacks Nina and the others in the water. It was funny for the most part and slightly creepy at the same time (especially with Shiho's summoning device). I really liking Nao in Otome as she doesn't pull the psycho insanity out and that Shiho is one little creepy girl. Nao is probably stronger in power compared to Shiho but she's probably content with being number 4 instead of number 3. It's nice to see that she hasn't lost her claws in Otome. Now, people think that Tomoe was the one who switched the labels around but I think it was another person as they had to know what creature it is and had researched it beforehand. I don't think it was Shiho as she's too cowardly to put herself in danger even if to dispel any possible guilt. The next episode seems to increase the tension level as the relationship between Nagi and Mashiro is further explained as something breaks the Gems which Arika summons her potential power of the necklace once again.


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