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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mai Otome 7

A young Mashiro uses her Princess powers to buy dolls, change the flowers in the garden and even ride on Sakomizu like a horse (I think that explains why he became so fat later on). While hiding under a table, she heards two servants talking about how she might not be the real princess. Then she was introduced to Nagi who called her the fake princess. Back to the present, Arika writes about how the school spends their weekends by either training, studying, helping out teachers, or cleaning out the Pearl's rooms. Currently, Arika is working part-time rebuilding the castle which Nao mention the job in the first place. Mashiro decides to stop by at the castle to see the progress of the construction and notices Arika. She asks the boss about Arika which he said that she's a hard worker and then Mashiro said to get up the hard work. The boss gave a worker an envelop which contain a black piece of paper and runs off as Arika appears in front of the boss. Mashiro remembers the time that Nagi called her a fake princess which made her to remodel the castle completely which Arika got mad at her. After saying "You really called yourself a queen" to Mashiro, Arika got slapped by her which she runs away afterwards. Sergey tells Arika about the fake princess rumor about Mashiro along with the rebellion 14 years ago which the king and queen were killed. At that time, they were searching for the princess and almost gave up when the secretary found Mashiro and saying that she was the princess. The only evidence to that claim was the statement of a felon which the secretary captured but the secretary also died as well. Nagi talks to Mashiro and tries to ask for marriage. Arika looks at the paintings and notices a girl with a blue gemstone for an earring. Mashiro backs away from Nagi as he forces himself on her and almost kisses her when Arika appeared. Nagi back away from Mashiro and leaves the room as Arika tends to Mashiro. She helps Mashiro to her feet and suddenly, Mikoto jumps on her which forces them into a secret door which the worker from earlier sees it and has a Slave Gem.

Aoi and Sakomizu continues to search for Mashiro when Nagi tells them that she was in the throne room. Mashiro and Arika are walking through a bunch of ruins from the 12 Kingdom Wars era. The war was stopped because of the first Otome, Mashiro which was a diamond (who maybe Fumi). Arika tries to cheer up Mashiro by telling her that she didn't know her real parents. They find an old object which contain an organ when Arika got near it. Mashiro played a note on the organ which causes their gems to burst along breaking the glass near the castle and the sound could be hear from the school. It also sent a beam of purple light through the sky which a girl in the desert notices (who looks like Miyu). A guy who's features cannot be seen and covered by a red aura tells Arika and Mashiro that in order to receive the power of the Harmoneal that they need a song, a conductor, and a protector. The guy disappears and the organ is hidden again which made the worker to summon his Slave. Arika's necklace managed to create a barrier to protect them and repels the Slave back along with summoning two gems. Arika puts one gem on Mashiro's ring and the other on her earring which they made a contract. Arika summons the power of the Blue Sky Sapphire which she manages to throw the monster with her massive strength. She tries to run at the monster but she gets caught up with unable to fly at first. She kicks the monster to only to get hit by the monster which also affects Mashiro as well. She summons her weapon and uses the Bolt from the Blue attack to destroy the Slave. Mashiro tells Arika to keep the contract a secret along with finding a way to nullify the contract.

This episode had a lot of things reveal like Mashiro knowing that she could be the fake princess along with the basis of the rumor. It seems that Nagi wants to marry Mashiro but it's still unknown about his intentions to marry her. Arika finds the Blue Sky Sapphire gems in her necklace which are pretty powerful. Also, there's the whole deal with the Harmoneal which requires a song, conductor, and protector. I think the protector is probably Miyu and the conductor could be Alyssia but there hasn't been any sign of her so far. Then there was the guy who appear briefly who looks like Takumi but I don't know about it. One more thing, it seems to be that Fumi was the first Otome who used the power of the Mashiro diamond to end the 12 Kingdom Wars. There seem be more questions than answers at this point. The next episode will have Arika and Mashiro to cover up their earring and ring as Miyu makes her move. If episode 8 of Otome was like episode 8 of Hime, then things will be more interesting.


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