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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rozen Maiden Traumend 1

The creator of the Rozen Maiden dolls winds up Shinku and gives her a rose. While the guy class representative was talking to the class, Tomoe notices that Jun wasn't in his seat and visits him in the library which he was working on his math. She gives him the homework for summer break along with notes for the first semester. Jun comes home and immediately went to his room to continue with his homework. Suddenly, he sits on his bed and notices Hinaichigo hiding under his bed. Before Jun could get any answers, he was hit in the head by Suiseiseki's suitcase which comes through the window. She was looking for Hinaichigo for something that she did and before Jun could get any more answers, Souseiseki's suitcase hits Jun in the head as well. Hinaichigo reveals her location after being called Chibi which Suiseiseki begins to jump on the bed to force her out. The reason why Suiseiseki is mad at Hinaichigo was that she drew on her watering can along with Souseiseki's scissors which she did to get back at Suiseiseki for taking her strawberry daihuku earlier. Suiseiseki uses her can to spray water on Hina but she avoids it and hits Jun instead. Just when things can't get any worse for Jun, Shinku comes into the room and hits Jun for missing her tea time along with giving orders to everyone else which made Jun want everyone to leave his room. Shinku, Sousei, and Suisei are watching their favorite TV show, Kun-kun who's an animal detective while Hina makes Shinku's tea. Nori has finally come home from practice and gives Hina a strawberry daihuku to have after dinner. Sousei and Suisei sees that Hina has a daihuku which Suisei wants to steal from her. Nori apologizes to Jun for being late and will start dinner but she needs to get the laundry from outside. Jun actually got the laundry from outside which Nori will start dinner immediately. Shinku looks at her watch and is worry that night is coming soon.

Suisei tries to steal Hina's daihuku from her bag but grabs a toy alligator instead. Jun gave Hina the idea to put the alligator in there which makes Suisei mad and decides to eat Jun's dinner. Suisei and Sousei leaves Jun's house to go back their original owners and will visit again. Hina goes off to sleep in her suitcase along with her alligator. Nori tells Jun and Shinku that she's going to bed as well. Jun asks Shinku why she's ignoring her own advice about getting some sleep. Shinku was about to say something to Jun but she decides not to say it at all. Later in the night, Jun was still working on his math when Shinku was about to go to sleep. She was about to say something again but she doesn't and looked like she was about to cry. Shinku was dreaming that she was having tea when suddenly, it became very dark. The figure of Suigintou speaks to Shinku telling her that she wasn't junk and begins to repeat Shinku's name. Then Suigintou burst into flames while still talking to Shinku which Shinku says that she didn't want to lose her and didn't take her Rosa Mystica for that reason. Suigintou asks her what was the reason why she fights before Shinku wakes up from her dream. Shinku talks to Jun about if turning Suigintou into junk was the right thing to do which Jun tells her that she made the right decision but she doubts her decision now. Shinku realizes how much it hurts to lose Suigintou as she used to think it was necessary to defeat her in order to become one step closer to winning the Alice Game. Jun decides to make Shinku some tea in order to cheer her up and suddenly sees a bright light in another room. Shinku felt this light and realizes it was Suigintou's spirit. She chases after it which went into the closet and entered the mirror. Shinku was about to go into the mirror herself when Jun tries to stop her. Shinku goes into the mirror which Jun follows her and entered another dimension which has a town covered in snow. They see a white rabbit which only speaks in riddles and has the light from earlier. The rabbit leaves the town as he releases the light. Jun and Shinku chased after the light to see a bunch of ice crystals on the ground and suddenly the crystals attack the both of them. They see the Rozen Maiden doll attacking them who calls herself the 7th Rozen Maiden doll, Barasuishou who has a purple rose for a left eye.

Rozen Maiden Traumend is the sequel series of Rozen Maiden. So if you haven't seen the previous series, go back and watch it before continuing on with the series otherwise you won't understand the characters along with the background information. Traumend continues where the previous series left off along with the dark mood. It seems that there will some new dolls introduce in this series which one of them was introduce in this episode, Barasuishou. I wonder if the other dolls are suddenly appearing because of what happened with Suigintou at the end of the previous series. I think this series will focus more on Shinku this time around instead of Jun because his problems have been mostly sorted out in the previous series. As for the OP and ED, I think they are better than the ones in the previous series. I'm so happy that Battle of the Rose music is back which was used in the preview. The series is also 12 episodes long like the last series but I'm glad that Rozen Maiden is back though. I will continue blogging this series as it was the one of the original four series that I was going to blog for the fall season. The next episode has Shinku and Bara fighting each other along with Jun looking up information on the Rozen Maiden dolls.


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