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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Rozen Maiden Traumend 2

Barasuisho attacks Shinku with the crystal spikes and even stops Shinku's Hojie attack cold. Shinku tries to defend herself from the spikes but seeing Bara with Suigintou's image superimposed causes her to fall to the ground by the spikes. Bara was about to finish off Shinku and Jun when they escaped. Shiku tells Jun about Bara being the only doll that the other dolls haven't met. With her being the last to awaken, their Father is telling them to start the Alice Game to incarnate Alice. The next morning, Nori was wondering why Shinku isn't up along with what books she's been reading which Jun doesn't know. Hina was about to water some plants when Suisei decides to tell Hina that she's the reason why Shinku isn't up and all mad. They up to Jun's room which Suisei notices that Hina's bag is over the line that seperates Hina and Shinku's space on the shelf. The noise caused by them woke Shinku up which she tells Hina to get her tea while Sousei was concerned with Shinku. While Jun was in the library, he remembers that Shinku told him not to tell the others about Bara. He picks up a German book trying to find some information which he couldn't read German and puts the book back when Tomoe shows up. Sousei and Suisei leave for the day to eat dinner with their masters and wonder why Shinku isn't here to send them off. Jun comes back home a second later and sees that there's something wrong. Later in the night, Jun asks Shinku why she's still up which she wanted to leave the room. Jun tells her to tell the truth about Bara as everyone is worried about her as she isolates herself in Jun's room and tells him to drop it. Jun continues to tell her that she's running away which in the end, he tells her that she can do whatever she wants.

The next day, Jun tries to work on his homework but he keeps thinking about Shinku while Hina and the others are worry about her not coming out of her suitcase. Sousei uses his scissors to open the suitcase which he realizes that she wasn't sleeping at all. Sousei talks to Shinku alone while Hina and Suisei are outside arguing. He tells her that he won't get involved if the problem is between Jun and herself but it's a different story if it's about the Alice game. Jun does the same thing with the book while Tomoe was around. While walking home together, Tomoe takes Jun to a doll shop run by a person named Enju. He explains about his feelings about dolls as they don't have anything to give away and wants people to love them with all their ability. After Tomoe and Jun left the store, Enju talks to the doll maker who looks like the creator of the Rozen Maiden dolls. Jun comes home with Hina notices that he has something in his bag which Nori thought it was porno magazines. He goes into his room and sees Shinku reading a book. She tells him that she told them about Bara and Jun gives her a music box along with everyone else. The music box makes Shinku happy along with her being back to her normal Jun abusing self.

This episode really shows how much Jun has come as a character with the advice he gives to Shinku. Now there's a mystery with Enju and his relationship with the maker of the Rozen Maiden dolls. It seems that Shinku's state of mind is alright at the moment but it might be rattled again when Bara makes her appearance once again. The next episode will have the final Rozen Maiden doll to make her appearance to the others which seems to be a fun episode to watch.


  • At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Nikki said…

    souseiseki is a girl, with a boyish appearance...all of the dolls are girls.


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