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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Shuffle 15

Rin, Kaede, Sia, and Nerine head towards the research center in the demon world where Primula is being kept at. Before they could enter the center, Sia and Nerine's fathers were waiting for them and try to kept them out of the center but the girls' pleads were successful. The kings didn't want them to come because of the danger of the entire research center could be destroy if Primula's power goes out of control. Rin promises the kings that if her condition worsens that they will reset her emotions. Rin and the others are trying to reach out to Primula which doesn't seem to be working at first until Rin makes an emotional plea to her. It manages to cause her to lose control of her power. Nerine's father was about to reset her emotions when Rin continues to plea to Primula's emotions. Primula has a flashback of the last time when she saw Licorice alive which she gave her stuffed cat. Then she talks to Licorice in a sunflower field all grown up and hears Rin's pleas. Sia's father mentions that if Primula leaves her protective bubble that she will die and decides to use the last resort until Nerine manages to contain her power so Rin can continue to plea to her. Rin's plea was successful as Primula managed to control her power. Licorice/Nerine says goodbye to everybody before Licorice's essence disappears from Nerine forever.

The head researcher's theory about controlling power through her emotions was correct that during the changing process which the power became uncontrollable along with the possibilty of dying exists as well. The researcher wanted to continue experiments on Primula which Rin and the others refuses as the kings will allow Primula to go back to the human world as Rin has the best chance of controlling her. Everyone is celebrating Primula coming back home which Sia throws a chair at her dad for being too drunk while Primula and Nerine talked about Licorice. Nerine feels that she didn't do enough for Licorice and even couldn't thank her but Primula convinces her otherwise. The next day, Rin and Nerine visited Asa as he gave back her ribbon and thank her for the advice. Asa will be able to go back to school and refuses Nerine's curative magic for her sickness. Rin says that he's really happy to have Asa on his side which she begins to cough after laughing so hard. He goes to get to some water and refuses Nerine's magic again. Nerine tells her that she thinks that she loves Rin. Later that night, Nerine has Rin to go with her to the swingset in the park again which she explains that she didn't meet Rin eight years ago here but Licorice instead. She told Nerine about Rin as being her true love which she decided to call Nerine Rin and the next time that they go to the human world, she suggested that Nerine meets Rin in her place instead. After the life transfer, Nerine decided to become Licorice in order to pay her back but when she met with Rin, she began to love him not as Licorice but herself. With Licorice gone, her feelings for Rin still remains and wants her love to continue to grow and will be willing to wait for Rin.

Now with Primula back to normal and improved with emotions, the battle for Rin's affections will now begin to heat up as Nerine and Asa are beginning to realize their feelings for Rin. Some of Nerine's past made it into the spotlight as the person that Rin met eight years ago was actually Licorice not Nerine. It seems that Nerine has some problems with being the replacement for Licorice's spirit. Also, even though we have seen it before but Asa seems to have a problem with magic and doesn't want people to use it on her. This might be a plot point later on with Asa. The darkness will continue in the next episode as Sia will take centerstage.


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