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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Shuffle 16

Rin and the gang return to their everyday lives after Primula managed to recover from her sickness in the last episode. Sia was talking about her father buying classic pants which Nerine didn't know what they are. Midoriba explains that they are a part of traditional Japanese culture. Mayumi remembers that she has to take notes today because of class duty which Nerine decides to offer help on the notes. Midoriba notices that Nerine has being changing lately which Kaede mentions that Primula has been talking more lately. After talking to Sia, Kaede, and Midoriba, Rin meets with Kareha asking where Asa was which show up a few seconds later. In celebration of Asa's return to school, the gang have lunch on the rooftop. Asa was amazed that Rin would visited her but he was worried about her condition. Kaede noticed that Asa wasn't eating much which she was on a diet to get rid of the fat. Nerine bought her omelettes for everyone to eat which Midoriba has an orgasm of taste after taking a bite. After class was over with it, Sia asks Rin to go home with her which he accepts and Kaede goes with them as well. Sia was about to ask Nerine when she was asked by two girls to go to a shop with them. Sia seem to be disappointed that Nerine was going without them. Later in the day, Nerine tells Sia about Licorice's soul leaving her body and that she will love Rin as just Nerine. She tells Sia that she has been able to see things more clearly as Nerine and that it's her turn which Sia was confused about. Sia thinks about what Nerine said to her in her room which she doubts if it's ok to be happy.

The next day, Nerine tells Rin and Kaede about the shop as Sia walks behind them. During lunch, Midoriba was disappointed that Nerine didn't make any omelettes as Sia was just depressed about today. During class, Rin was searching for something in his bag but couldn't find it. Sia was about to talk to Rin when he got up and talked to Asa who was standing the doorway. Midoriba and Mayumi see Rin and Asa walking together which got their attention. During the night, Asa calls Rin if he wanted to go shopping with her which he does and worries even Kaede. Sia continues to think what to do about her current situation in her room. The next day, Rin and Asa go shopping for Asa's Fall Menu. At the grocery store, Sia sees Rin and Asa shopping together and decides to head back home all depressed. She comes back home and says nothing to her father. After going into her room, Sia becomes shocked by another voice who tells her to go on the attack for Rin's heart because at the rate she's going, Rin will choose someone else. This other voice takes over Sia's body since she believes that the current Sia won't win at this rate. The next day, Rin heads over to Asa's place and meets with the new Sia halfway. The new Sia forces Rin to go with her on a date.

This episode has another character change with Sia becoming Kikyou which seems to be the darker side of Sia's heart. Recently Sia has been ignored for the most point as Nerine is spending less time with her because her recent change with the removal of Licorice's soul within her. Rin ignores her as he been spending lots of time with Asa which even has Kaede beginning to worry. Kikyou might be the girl who will go around and start sabotaging relationships between Rin and the other girls. The darkness of Shuffle seems to continue after the return of normalicy in the previous episode with the emergence of Kikyou. The next episode covers Kikyou and Rin's date together which Rin seems to be scared of her as she tries to steal Rin's heart.


  • At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Sia seemed so lonely and depressed! :( Now she has taken over Kaede's spot where she used to be ignored and never invited, but not intentionally. LOL but I am still an Asa fangirl and I am rooting for her to win at the end of the series. It seemed as though it's going to be an Asa-Kaede showdown, because I can't see Rin-kun picking either Nerine or Sia. Whats you take on this, Phoenix?

  • At 5:13 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Sia has like a multiple personality disorder. I can see him going with Nerine, Asa, or Kaede as Nerine is making improvements on herself. She's being herself not as Licorice which makes Nerine happier now.


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