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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Shuffle 17

School has started without Rin and Sia and Asa wants to kill Rin because he made her to carry everything. Rin stops Kikyou's fun when he begins to worry about being late to class but she forces him to go out with her on a date by calling him a pervert after making him pull her skirt. After avoiding the police, Rin still wants to go to class but Kikyou takes him to a movie. Rin asks what wrong with Sia but she avoids the question. While at school, Kaede asks Asa if she knew where Rin was but she didn't know and Kareha brings up the possibility that Rin could have been kidnapped. Kaede leaves the school while Rin and Kikyou go out to various places like a cafe and a jewelry store. Then they go a clothes store where Kikyou tries on a sexy, red dress while Rin is still worried about Asa and school. She shows him her breasts after he said that he was still worried about things. While walking near the river, Rin wanted to go grocery shopping but Kikyou wanted to do more things until nightfall. He begins to question if Sia was really ok or not which made Kikyou to try to kiss Rin but he pulls away. Kikyou tries to run away but Rin grabs her only to make her run away again. Rin comes her with the police in her house along with Kaede who thought Rin was kidnapped.

Sia's father is hungry once again and thought Sia would have some food but she didn't not and collasped because of lack of food. Sia and Kikyou begin to argue with each other once she enters her bedroom. Sia is mad at Kikyou for her forceful methods on Rin but Kikyou just want to make Sia happy by helping her to relay her feelings for Rin. Kikyou decides to give back control to Sia and disappears from Sia forever. The next day, Sia doesn't go near Rin and the others on her way from school while they talked about Rin's ordeal with the police. After class, Sia takes Rin to a flower garden which she talks about Kikyou. She tells him that Kikyou was her twin sister that her mother gave up during pregnancy. During birth, Sia made a promise to Kikyou that she would stay with her forever which the result is that Sia had two personalities. Sia realized that Kikyou wanted Sia to be happy regardless if she was alone or not. She also realized that Rin has someone that he loves but she feels better to get that off her chest and tells him that he could have mulitple wives in Heaven.

It seems that Kikyou is gone forever and would have been interesting if she was still around for a couple more episodes but I guess that's not going to happen. Sia has decided to try her best as herself without the help of Kikyou just like Nerine without the assistance of Licorice within her. What's with the princesses of Heaven and Hell having a second side to them? It makes you wonder about the mental health of the entire family. It seems that the next episode will have Rin been confronted by everyone on who the person that he likes.


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