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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 19

The Aquarion team are having a contest to see who holding their breath underwater the longest which comes down to Sirius and Apollo. After taunting each other underwater, the alarm goes off which Sirius comes up first and Apollo calls himself the winner even though he came up because of the alarm. Silvia, Lihua, and Apollo head towards a golden tower which is the Kelbim this time and suddenly Aquarion Command loses contact with them. The Vice-Commander has Lihua change with Sirius but they lose him and didn't get Lihua back. Apollo helps Silvia from her Vector which their appearance change along with their surroundings. They along with Lihua see a cat which Silvia decides to hug but that wasn't such a good idea as the cat attacked them. Apollo notices that they are approaching the tower even though they walked with the tower behind them. Then they encountered a chibi harvesting beast and while Apollo was talking to it, Silvia and Lihua vanished. The next thing Apollo sees is one of the kids he used to be with named Chibiko. The scene shifts to Chibiko being a part of a flower with a pool of liquid along with a machine that contains a feather inside which Fubata was running it. Otoha shows up which Fubata asks her what are the wingless ones. She saids that the wingless ones are livestock which supplies prana for the Shadow Angels. Then Fubata asks Otoha about children and why she's the only child along the Angels because she was the last child to be born before Apollonius destroyed Atlantis. She thought Toma used his wings for his helmet out of anger but the reason was out for love and even tried to reach his heart through a forbidden crimson road. Apollonius also stole the Tree of Knowledge which the wingless ones used to populate the land while the Angels lost the ability to have children. Otoha is worried about the wing that Futuba used since it belong to Apollonius. Silvia is being followed by a cloaked man while Apollo is being watched by Chibiko. Lihua tries to drink some water only to get splash by some brown water which the harvester beast hands her a towel in its giant form. She was so shock by it that she fell down on a hill. Apollo sits on a swingset and talks to Rena which she says that this is a dark dream world. Then Rena changed into Lihua as she explains Apollonius's past while Tsugumi explains the reason why he helped the humans because of Siren. After talking to a fake Silvia, Apollo decides to head for the tower.

Silvia hears people calling her a traitor and shadows approach her. Then she sees Sirius on a cross like thing and a cloaked figure approaches her which makes her run away. The figure was actually Sirius which he arrived in the city after the teleport change drop him midway. Sirius says that the cross could happen to them one day if their secret was revealed. Aquarion Command continues to try to contact the others but with no avail while Sirius and Silvia finds Lihua hanging in a tree. Sirius decides that they headed towards the Vectors to take out the tower. Apollo arrives at the tower to see Chibiko on the stairs while Sirius and the others transforms into Aquarion Mars. Apollo talks to Chibiko while Sirius faces off with Toma who fights in a Kelbim. Chibiko asks Apollo why he still calls her a friend even though she has become an angel which he reply with "A friend is still a friend." Chibiko counters with why he didn't rescue her with the others and couldn't save Baron. Sirius is being tormented by the thought of what he is since he's not a human or angel. Chibiko asks Apollo what he is which he answered with I don't know and realizes that the real Chibiko wouldn't turned her back on her friends. The fake Chibiko disappears and everyone including the surroundings returned back to normal with Apollo showing his wings for a moment. Mars Aquarion defeats the Kelbim soldier while Apollo punches the window. Mars destroys the tower with the Truth Searching Sword attack. The attack destroys Fubata's machine and she touches the feather which makes a pleasing sound.

This episode wasn't so much weird but rather out of the ordinary. It didn't use the psyche device for the look which was a good thing to me. We did learn more about the Angels along with the Tree of Life in this episode. For once, they didn't have to rely on the Commander's words to defeat the enemy this time. That's also a big plus. The one thing that bug me was in the beginning where the character designs were just ugly and deformed. The next episode seems to correct this deformity as I may finally get more story and plot now since it's near the end.


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