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Monday, November 07, 2005

Suzuka 18

Yamato pounders about what he's going to do about Sakurai's birthday which he decided to buy her a present on Saturday which will the day before her birthday. The next day Sakurai asks Yamato if he wanted to do something with her on Saturday which he said that he had something to do Hattori which was a lie. During lunch, Hattori suggests that Yamato buys roses for her which he refuses the idea. Yamato asks Ayano about what present he should buy which she gives the advice that it doesn't matter what he gives as along his heart is into the present. Miyo suggests buying her a plushie like a teddy bear while Saotome suggests a platinum necklace and Megumi a ring. Later in the night, Yamato goes to the 7-11 and looks at girl magazines for suggestions when Suzuka approached him from behind saying that he was reading porn. He asks Suzuka ideas for what to buy for Sakurai when she said buy a necklace and asks her to come with him tomorrow which she accepted and tells him to meet her at Shinjuku at two tomorrow. He doubts if going shopping with Suzuka is a good idea or not while Sakurai wonders if he knows her birthday. The next day, Yamato shows up late as he got lost and asks her why shop at Shinjuku instead Ikebukuro as she didn't want people from school to see her. Sakurai reads her horoscope in the 7-11 when she meets with Saotome and Megumi. It seems that sober Saotome is no different from drunk Saotome as she tells Sakurai that Yamato is going shopping for her birthday present which was supposed to be a secret. She becomes happy that he knew about her birthday and decides to do something for him.

Yamato and Suzuka were picking out necklaces but actually it's more like Suzuka picking out necklaces while Yamato just stood there. While walking around, Yamato noticed that Suzuka wasn't very happy and ask her what's wrong. She mentions that a couple of necklaces would look good on Sakurai and ask which one would be better but he doesn't even remember them and decides to go with what she would think would be better. Suzuka became angry at Yamato for his indecesiveness and ask him which person was they were doing this for. She decides to go home when a vendor asks them not to argue in front of her who was the cable/newspaper woman. She's selling some necklaces which Yamato notices a necklace that he wants Suzuka to try on. She puts on the necklace which makes Yamato buy the necklace and gets mad at him for buying it from a street vendor. Sakurai has finished off her shopping when she sees Yamato and Suzuka together. On Sakurai's birthday, Yamato was about to head out when he sees Suzuka standing by the entrance which she says to him not saying anything unnecessary and have confidence about his gift. He shows up at Sakurai's house and gives the wrapped up necklace. Sakurai tells him that she knew about him going out to get the necklace from Saotome. Yamato was about to tell her that he went out with Suzuka instead of Hattori when she knew already. Then he starts to tell her about his time of finding with the necklace which made Sakurai give back the necklace as she realizes that he doesn't give her the same expression when he talks to Suzuka and goes back into the house crying. Later in the day, Yamato heads towards his room when he sees Suzuka outside of her room. She asks him how it went with Sakurai which didn't went well and Yamato spent the rest of the day at the arcades. Suzuka asks him why he talked about that which he said that she knew about them going shopping together. He apologizes to her for wasting her time which she says to him to reflect about what happened. Everyone seems to be reflecting in the darkness.

Well, our boy Yamato has seriously hit a new low in the art of being an idiot in love. First off, you don't ask the person you still or used to love to go shopping with you. Second, being indecesive and allow your former lover to decide for you when buying a present for your girlfriend is another bad idea. The third and final thing, don't talk about the time you spent with your former lover when shopping for your girlfriend's present in front of her. Seriously Yamato, do you have any brains or common sense in you at all? When he found the necklace to give Sakurai, I don't think he was thinking of her but of Suzuka. I also think he needs a better supporting friend because Hattori hasn't been very good with the advice lately. I said in the previous episode that this episode will go badly with Yamato and Sakurai and now I see that I was right after all. It's just painful to see Sakurai finally realizing that Yamato still cares for Suzuka and not about her at all. Yamato just used Sakurai to try to overcome the rejection from Suzuka which he kinda of knows but doesn't at the same time. The next episode will be the end of the Yamato and Sakurai relationship which he seems to be the one doing the breaking up and actually feels relieved about it. I think Yamato may hit another low with being an idiot with love after the next episode.


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