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Monday, November 14, 2005

Suzuka 19

Yamato talks to Hattori about what happened between him and Sakurai on her birthday. Hattori tells him that she was putting up with him as he went out shopping with Suzuka. He said that Yamato only thinks about himself which he denies as he tells him to apologize. Yamato yells Hattori because his advice has only got him into trouble and will solve his own problems by himself. Yamato decides to apologize to Sakurai during track practice but she doesn't wants to talk to him and wants to be left alone. Later in the day, Suzuka was waiting for Yamato as she asked him if he made up with Sakurai which he didn't. She apologizes for going shopping with him which made them fight but he said it was his fault since he forced the issue on him and not caring about Sakurai. Suzuka tells Yamato to make his best effort to talk to her again even if it's by phone. Yamato tries to call Sakurai on the phone but she was talking to Nana at the time which she said that Yamato is an idiot as he couldn't notice anything else around him and thinks it wasn't important. Sakurai thinks that their relationship has no meaning as Yamato decides to go to Sakurai's house to give her birthday present. Yamato tries to give Sakurai the present but she refuses it which he asked her why she won't accept it. She tells him that she can't accept a present that he and Suzuka chose happily together which he said that he had no clue what to buy. She ask him why it had to be Suzuka instead of someone else as she believes that he wanted to be with her as he still likes her. Yamato says that she worries too much about Suzuka which makes her run away but he catches up to her.

Yamato and Sakurai sit on the stairs as he thinks that he was always close to Suzuka in some way and didn't think how much it would Sakurai. She suggests that they breakup since they would have the same fight over and over again. She calls him an idiot because it was pointless for them to date in the first place and asked if the reason they dated was because they kissed. He said that she was cute at that moment which she was offended by the comment. He says that he really believed that he was in love with her which makes Sakurai to take the gift as a souvenir for the time that they spent together as lovers. Before she goes back to her house, she kisses Yamato and says goodbye to him. Yamato goes back to his room which Saotome and Megumi were hanging out and drinking as usual. He wants them to leave and tells them that he broke up with Sakurai. Saotome tells him that he's an idiot which he admits that he is one. Suzuka was walking past Yamato's room and hears the news that he broke up with her. Ayano tells Miho to leave Yamato alone about Sakurai while Megumi begins to rant how she never got a birthday present from a guy and wanted to get rid of birthdays. Before leaving with a drunken Megumi, Saotome tells Yamato that breaking up with Sakurai was good because of his irresponsible attitude. A few seconds later, Suzuka talks to Yamato which she believes that it's her fault for what happened. Yamato said that he dumped her and begins to say bad things about her. Suzuka couldn't believe what Yamato said just now and left the room angrily. In her room, Suzuka calls herself a fool for thinking so much about Yamato.

Well, Yamato and Sakurai's relationship is over as Yamato's feelings towards Suzuka is the main reason for the breakup. It was nice to see Hattori's advice being so correct after a few episodes of giving him bad advice. Yamato was on the right track with making up with Sakurai but he threw out his game plan after his attempt to give the present to her failed. He tried to force the gift on her which wasn't the smartest idea to do. He should have apologize to her first but even then they still might have broken up anyway. Yamato's inability to see the world beyond himself really put him in a spot as he didn't realize his lingering feelings for Suzuka until Sakurai made him realize about it. Even though Sakurai knew that he was still in love with Suzuka, she took the chance anyway as she might be able to overcome those feelings but she failed. Some people would think it would be pointless for her to try but in love, you have to take chances because the worst thing in love is the missed chance. So I respected Sakurai for trying so hard to make the relationship work but there's comes a time when you just have to say that it isn't worth it anymore. I don't really know why Yamato decided to start talking bad about Sakurai when he was talking with Suzuka but my reason is that he's trying to cover up the hurt feelings of rejection. Yamato's main problem is that he doesn't think what he says to people during conversations which is a big thing for relationships. He does think things while he's alone but he acts his emotions during conversations with other people which is not the best thing to do. The next episode will have Yamato and the others dealing with the aftermath of the breakup and maybe the support characters take center stage.


  • At 8:32 AM, Blogger Mentar said…

    Very good summary :) ... well done!

    The next episode will be key in clearing up several details which are currently in the dark, especially Honoka's side of things.

    And your prediction is spot-on - since he successfully alienated Hattori and Suzuka and broke up with Honoka. Time for the others to take the limelight!

  • At 2:27 AM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Haha gomen Phoenix, I didn't even know you had your post up for this. Don't worry, with an excellent post like this, you are definitely added!


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