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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Suzuka 20

Yamato talks to Ayano which he goes off to school without any breakfast while acting all depressed. Miho mentions that Sakurai didn't showed up today which she has been showing up lately. Yamato was running to class as he was late and meets up with Sakurai who looks depressed herself and runs away after the awkward meeting. Suzuka looks at Yamato as he walks into the classroom and was sad by it. During lunch, Yamato tells Hattori that he broke up with Sakurai which he said that he should have consider his advice. He realizes that he has been thinking of himself instead of Sakurai all this time while Hattori tells him that they should go a socializing party to get some girls. Miki sits with them as she had no clue about the breakup as she thought that Yamato's depression was caused by a test. Miki's attitude made Yamato leave and doesn't get any answers from Hattori about Yamato's problems. During track practice, everyone wonder where Sakurai was which Yamato tells them that they broke up. The entire team is mad at him (except for Kobayakawa) for breaking up with Sakurai as now she won't come to track anymore and makes Yamato to do all the cleaning. Miki hears the news of the breakup which Suzuka said that he got what he deserved. Sakurai talks to Nana about her breakup with Yamato which she couldn't smile as usual and tells her that he has Suzuka in his heart. Nana asks her if he ever say that he still like Suzuka which he never said and thinks that her problem is with her self-confidence. Sakurai thinks that it was her fault now for the breakup as Nana believes that she will get another boyfriend in the future. The next day, the track team was about to kill Yamato when Sakurai shows up to practice which gives a boost of morale to the team. Kobayakawa gives Sakurai a cup of water as he hopes to make his move on Sakurai but she tells him that it's ok to date someone that she has broken up with before. She decides to try again to win Yamato's feelings.

The captains want Yamato and Kobayakawa as part of the relay team for the Rookie Meet as they have the two fastest times which Sakurai cheers Yamato on. Miki tells Suzuka about Yamato making the relay time which she doesn't really care as she goes off her hatred of irresponsible people rant again. Then she tells Miki about how Yamato told her that Sakurai was too much of a bother for him which Miki is shocked by it. Kobayakawa tells Yamato that he won't be beat by him in the 100 meter dash and was going to tell him something else but he ran off crying. Miki shows up and asks Yamato if he broke up with Sakurai because she was a bother. Yamato tries to lie to her but she doesn't buy it and makes him to tell the real reason. Yamato tells Miki that he didn't tell Suzuka the truth because it would hurt her as she will think that she's the reason for the breakup. Miki takes Yamato to an okonomiyaki place which Yamato wonders why she couldn't come with Suzuka instead. They begin to fight over how it should be cooked and how the toppings should be applied when they spilled an entire amount of green seaweed on it. On their way back, Miki tells Yamato that nothing good will happen if he does nothing about it and eating something will cheer him up which Yamato realizes that she cheer him up. Miki seem to be embarrassed about it after Yamato thank her for cheering him up. Yamato tells Miki his original reason for doing track and wonders if he should continue doing track but Miki feels that he should continue doing track to meet the other's expectations of him.

This episode has Miki taking center stage as she realizes that Yamato's reason for breaking up with Sakurai from Suzuka's point of view was a lie and cheers him up afterwards by taking him out to eat. I really hoped that Yamato won't try to have a relationship with Miki especially that he will probably hurt her the same way that he did with Sakurai. Yamato had done something right for once as he didn't want Suzuka to feel bad that she was the reason that he and Sakurai broke up. He would rather to have her angry at him instead of feeling down. As for Sakurai, I can't quite agree with her new found logic and commitment of trying to get Yamato once again. Sometimes you can't fight against your base instincint which in her case is Yamato's love for Suzuka. I was really hoping for that Kobayakawa would finally date Sakurai but he was turned down after hearing Sakurai's words. If Sakurai wants to build up her confidence, she needs to date other people and maybe find someone that will just love her and only her. I really hate the track team for blaming Yamato for Sakurai's disappearance as they were jerks about the whole situation. It seems that the next episode will have Miki trying to make Yamato to make up with Suzuka about the whole thing which will probably be an interesting conversation in itself.


  • At 1:39 AM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    LOL I couldn't believe that Honoka is still attracted to Yamato. Kobayakawa is the perfect candidate for her because he genuinely likes her and will treat her right. However, it might take a lil push for him to confess because Kobayakawa seems like the shy type. He is in the exact same spot as Honoka when she liked Yamato. Actually it might be better for him to stay away from her, as she might pull a "Yamato". Overall he is a good guy.

    As for Miki, even if she does develop a crush on Yamato, she will never go out with him. It would end her relationship with Suzuka.

    What do you think will happen with Suzuka and Yamato? Right now, I don't think she will give him the time or the day.

  • At 2:57 AM, Anonymous Mohammad said…

    “Eh, you’re dumber than I thought !!”

    That line was priceless. In fact, the whole conversation between Miki and Yasunobu was priceless.

    When Honoka started talking to Kobayakawa after he gave her a drink, I was afraid that she would take Nana’s words literally and say “Kobayakawa kun, let’s go out together” or something like that. In the end, she dumped him before she even had a relationship with him and it was hilarious. Honoka’s loyalty is remarkable. She is truly a rare gem. Kobayakawa should bury his head in the sand because he doesn’t deserve Honoka. I don’t mind him going out with Suzuka though (as long it keeps Suzuka away from Yamato) but that’s just a distant dream (>_>) I must agree with you that her logic is flawed because by the time she finds confidence to date Yamato again, he will probably be dating Suzuka and that would mean the end of Honoka’s dreams (unless they decide to create a spin off show about the lives of Yamato, Suzuka and Honoka in the future and how Honoka regretted not sticking with Yamato which is guaranteed to be an excellent show full of drama and angst) (^o^)

  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger Mentar said…

    > Sometimes you can't fight against your
    > base instincint which in her case is
    > Yamato's love for Suzuka.

    Well okay, but so is Honoka's love for Yamato. Giving up is a difficult thing to do, AND from her standpoint the relationship failed due to her own shortcomings - the lack of self-confidence. With THIS background, her approach certainly makes some sense.

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