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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Trinity Blood 16

Abel, Esther, Ion, and Ast have breakfast and talk about their next plan of action. Ion refuses to eat anything which makes Ast mad at him as she won't put up with his attitude. She starts insulting Ion's grandmother which makes Ion mad at her and tells her that he won't cry anymore. Ast takes Abel to the Imperial Place as the Imperial Council is talking about the assassination of Ion's grandmother which they're going to use this chance to prove Ion's innocence. Esther wanted to go with them but Ion asks her to go with her. Ast and Abel is at the Imperial Palace which Abel looks in awe (which isn't the truth as he's been there before). Ast realizes that he wanted Esther and Ion to stay away on purpose so they won't go out of control. They meet with the Duke of Tigris, Suleiman who's the Empire's record keeper of history. Suleiman tells them that they know about Abel and Esther being at the scene which they believe that the Vatican is involved with the death and requests Ast's help for the case. The Empress makes her appearance to the Imperial Council with Ast and Abel in attendence.

Meanwhile, Esther and Ion were walking in the city trying to find a guy's place named Mimar which they get lost even though they had a map. Ion believes that Mimar had something to do with the assassination since the timing was perfect. Esther decides to take the map since Ion has no clue where to go but she can't read the Empire's script. They meet with a girl serving tea named Seth who follows them as she thinks that they are on a date. Ion decides to get some tea from her and asks where Mimar's place is which she shows the way. Ion smells blood nearby and sees Mimar being attacked by a Autojaegar. Ion defeats the Autojaegar while Esther attends to the dying Mimar. He tells them that Radu was the one who killed Ion's grandmother which Ion doesn't believe it as they saw him die. The Autojaegar came back to life and Esther protected Ion as its axe slashed across her back. She manages to take out Autojaegar before collasping. Seth suddenly appears and tends to Esther's wounds.

This episode just only had more questions than answers as Radu was behind the assassination of Ion's grandmother including the appearance of Seth who seems to be more than a little girl. I think the next episode will have Ast and Abel tried to prove Ion's innocence while Radu continues with his mysterious plan. The next episode's title in the The Night Lords arc is The Island of Her Darling Children.


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