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Monday, November 14, 2005

Trinity Blood 17

Esther wakes up in a bed where Ion has been watching over her as Seth treated her wounds. She's really a med student at the Graduate School of Medicine which Esther has been asleep for a day. Ion and Esther looked outside of the window as he explains that the Terrans and Methuselahs are equal under the Empress and the Empire would come to an end if the Empress died. While coming back from buying food, Ion was attacked by Radu and was easily defeated by him. Radu tells Ion that he's going to kill the Empress and the Terrans from the Outer. He stabs Ion with his claws and tells him that Esther has been betraying him as she wanted revenge on Mehtuselahs for killing her family. Ast manages to make Radu run away which Ion tells Abel to check on Esther. Ast tells Ion that she received a strange letter while coming back from the palace which told her and Abel to hurry to Ion.

Abel sees that Esther is fine as she remembers that she was attacked by an Autojaeger which Seth turns it to dust. Various Methuselah mausoleums are lit up for the funeral of Ion's grandmother which right now that friends and family would gather and talk about the life that she had. Ion is sad that he could not attend his grandmother's funeral since he's a suspect in the murder. Ast and Abel continue to look for Radu as he would try to kill the Empress during the funeral. Ion tries to leave his room but Esther wouldn't allow him as he accuses her that she would be happy if the Empress died. He tells her what Radu told him earlier and runs away before Esther could explain herself. Esther chases after him and ends up running into Seth. They see Suleiman entering one of the mausoleums with Radu inside as he setup the place to explode. While discussing their plans, Esther steps on a twig which alerted them of their presence. Esther and Seth ran away but Suleiman managed to quickly get in front of them. Seth fights off Suleiman while Esther goes off to find Ast to tell her about the assassination. Suleiman manages to corner Seth on a cliff and uses his ring to cut off part of the cliff which sinks into the ground.

It's so nice to see some of the other characters getting some screentime but Abel is seriously getting shafted lately as everything has been about Esther and Ion. I really hoped that the Night Lords arc ends in the next episode as I want Abel to be back in center stage. I think the next episode will end in the next episode which there will be a battle between Ion and Radu and maybe they can explain who Seth really is who I believe was the one who sent the letter to Ast. The next episode in the Night Lords arc is The Palace of Jade.


  • At 7:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i really hope the show focuses on Ion more than Abel because i don't really like Abel that much. Ion is really kind of cute and he should be able to meet up with esther again.
    The Earl of Memphis is awsome and thats the truth.It's the only reason i was even bothering to watch the show.

  • At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i have to agree Ion should have been the main character for one]he can be really cute at times and Abel looks so old Ion is like a puppy at the pet shop your mother says you can't have but you instantly feel an attachment to him
    and eventually your mother comes to realize that he's cute also and you get to keep him. And another reason is he's the only reason i was watching Trinity Blood now that he's not gonna be in it any more i'll just watch my Fullmetal alchemist DVD's on saturday nights.


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