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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 23

Sumono tells Syaoran and Kurogane that they detected the new oni at the Cat's Eye while Fai talks with Seishirou. They both know that they have high amounts of magicial power which makes Seishirou summoned some oni. Syaoran and Kurogane runs towards the Cat's Eye very quickly while Fai realizes that the person is Seishirou as he traded his right eye to travel through dimensions but he can only use it a limited number of times. Seishirou attacks Fai with the oni as Fai is still injured but refuses to use his magic against them. Seishirou pulls out Sakura's feather which Sakura wakes up as Fai tells Mokona to tell Syaoran everything that happens. Fai was soon captured by the onis as Seishirou emits some light that covers the entire city. The light has made some people disappear along with some pixalation of the buildings. Some of the people to disappear were the City Hall helper, the bartender of the Clover (Oruha didn't disappear though), Erii and her helpers, Sumono, and Kotoko. Meanwhile, Ryuuou, Souma, Yuzuriha, and Kusanagi were surrounded the same type of oni as they noticed that the moon has been full for a few days now along with that they may have to leave Outo if this problem continues. They see Syaoran and Kurogane run past them as they almost reach the Cat's Eye. Sakura wanders aimlessly as she tries to find her feather with Mokona all alone in the Cat's Eye.

Syaoran and Kurogane reached the Cat's Eye to see it all wreaked along with Mokona. He tells them that Fai is dead and doesn't know what happened to Sakura along with that Seishirou has the feather and maybe Sakura as well. Syaoran asks Kurogane to look after Mokona as he finds Seishirou which Kurogane accepted his offer. Syaoran finds Seishirou which he tells him that Fai is dead which makes Syaoran wanted to fight him for killing Fai. Seishirou tells Syaoran about the first time that they met. A bunch of guys were after Syaoran for a book that he had and Seishirou got rid of the guys for him as he need to the book since it has information on vampires. Seishirou has been looking for two vampires that the book may have clues about their location. Syaoran decides to give him the book but Seishirou says that he may run off with the book which Syaoran knows that his desire to find the vampires is true. Seishirou couldn't read the book since it's in an anicent language which Syaoran can. He proposes a deal that he would read the book in return that Seishirou teaches him how to fight. Seishirou summons a few onis to attack Syaoran as he tells him that it's hard to get them to attack non-Onigari and wants to meet the I1 oni since it's rumored that it can give a person eternal life. Sakura sees Syaoran fighting as Seishirou reforms the oni into a sword which he stabs Syaoran with. Syaoran begins to disappear as Sakura approaches him which he tells her to stay away but she doesn't. They disappeared together as Seishirou watches.

You can't have the main heroes die now. Now only Kurogane and Mokona are the only ones left to continue the fight. I don't know why Clamp doesn't show Seishirou or Syaoran's right eye being blind like they did in X TV with the eye being gray and such. I like the episode as the mysteries of Outo almost being revealed and the disappearance of Syaoran and Sakura was almost heartbreaking. I think that the series won't give the identity of the two vampires (not even sure if the manga has reached that point) that Seishirou is chasing after. If you seen Tokyo Babylon or X, it would be clear that the vampires might be Subura and his sister. Also, I liked that Seishirou still has his crow as his familiar. I give Clamp the nod for that one. I think Outo is some form of holographic world that's supposed to act as a fantasy world for people. The next episode has Kurogane fighting Seishirou along with the mysteries of Outo finally being revealed.


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