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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 24

Seishirou continues with his plan which combines the oni into the I3 which is a giant bird without any legs. It comes after Kurogane who manages to repel it with his sword which forces Seishirou to play his hand. Ryuuou and the others begin to say that they won't be able to tell who's who and need to know Kurogane's real name. All five of them including Oruha disappears from Outo while Syaroan wakes up in an egg capsule with Fai outside of it and Sakura is in a nearby capsule. They see that Kurogane and Mokona are still in the capsules and cannot be waken up yet. Fai tells Syaoran and Sakura that Outo doesn't exist in reality and shows them that they are in an amusement park called Faerie Park in the Edonis Kingdom. Sakura and Syaoran don't remember going into the capsule until one of the people who built the park named Chitose who explains the current situtation to them. She tells them their memories were erased but they came back as they were dropped into the capsules by Mokona and didn't have a chance to escape. Outo is actually a game where people fight oni or run shops which also explains the oni movements and why the oni only attacks Onigari. Syaroan notices that he still has the sword which Chitose tells them that there's a problem in Outo which force her to close down the park. Suddenly, Monoka and Kurogane disappeared from the capsules while she tells them that Seishirou is trying to make Outo's world as the real world. Seishirou brought the I3 oni along with Kurogane, Monoka, and the remaining Onigari with their Outo clothes. Kurogane decides he wants to fight them as Syaoran isn't here anymore.

They realized that Sakura's feather is the source of the problems as its bringing Outo into reality which endangers the park. Kurogane attacks Seishirou which cuts his cloak and makes them put on some glasses. Syaoran and the others reunited with the Onigari and Monoka as Kurogane and Seishirou fight each other. Syaoran head towards Kurogane and Seishirou while the others fight off the I3 oni. Seishirou tells Kurogane that he knows about the seal but he doesn't care since Syaoran isn't around anymore. They were going for a final attack when Mokona stops them by shooting a sign between them. Kurogane sees that Fai, Syaoran, and Sakura are still alive which makes Seishirou to stop the battle between them. Seishirou pulls out the feather so he could seperate himself from the others by taking a piece of the ground which floats in the air and summons the I1 oni which makes the I3 oni to disappear. The I1 oni reveals itself to be Oruha.

This episode has proved that my theory about Outo was right except for the holographic part as it was really the Matrix but Clamp style. I got to say that being the witness to yourself is a great idea as Oruta reveals herself to be the I1 oni. Now the true question is how Seishirou came to Sakura's feather and the idea to use it to bring Outo into reality so he can achieve eternal life. I really liked the controller of the Outo is Chitose since her Chobits role was something similar to that as she watched events unfold and try to fix them when necessary. At least I get to hear my favorite battle music in this episode and maybe in the next episode as well. The next episode will have Syaoran pull out his sword and probably fighting Seishirou while the others fight Oruta and may get an appearance of Seishirou's eternal rival.


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