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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 25

The power of the feather is out of control as various Outo buildings are emerging into the park as Seishirou still cannot control the feather. They encountered the welcoming party and the City Hall clerk which they soon disappeared. Syaroan heads towards Seishirou and Oruha as she tells him that he should have played the game if he wanted to meet her so much but he doesn't have the time to wait. The Onigari and the others are attacked by the oni as Syaoran climbs a roller coaster to reach Seishirou. Kurogane orders the others not to interfere with Syaoran's effects as Oruha tells Seishirou that she used his entrance to hid her identity as she told that you were the new oni. They did the false information as a way to make the game more interesting as the non-player characters cannot give that fine detail of information. The oni were also NPCs which explains their lack of presense but still can attack. Seishirou asks Oruha if her real name is Subaru which is not as she isn't an oni but a person like Chitose. Her ability to grant eternal life means that the player who defeats her in the game would be invincible within the game. He asks about the twin vampires which she doesn't know anything about them and decides to leave since they aren't here. After he leaves the world, the effects of the feather would stabilized but the oni would still remain. Syaoran finally manages to reach the top and confronts Seishirou for the feather.

Syaoran knows that he can't beat Seishirou as what he is right now but he will fight for the feather anyway and use the sword even though he's not skilled enough with it. He jumps towards Seishirou and misses him as he jumps out of the way. Seishirou uses his right eye to go into another world as Syaroan tries to get the feather but he failed at the attempt which Seishirou went to another world. Mokona still feels the remaining power of the feather as it still continues to bring out the oni. Oruha tells them to leave but Syaoran decides to fight instead along with the Onigari which Chitose wouldn't allow it. Oruha decides to allow them to defeat oni in order to save the park and protects Sakura as she explains to her that Syaoran is important to her and vice versa. Various people realize that even though Outo wasn't real that the memories and experiences happened there were real as they were fighting the oni. Mokona is drawn to Seishirou's right eye as it has the similar power of the Witch and takes Syaoran and the others to the next world which Syaoran and Sakura told the Onigari their real names. Fei Wong and Xing Huo were pleased that they didn't get the feather and know that Seishirou has one of the feathers which Xing Huo will set a plan into motion.

This episode concludes the Outo arc which Syaoran was unsuccessful in getting the feather from Seishirou which he didn't find the vampires that he was searching for. I was right that he was looking Subaru and probably his sister as well which is rather different as it was the other way around in X as Subaru chased after him. It looks the final episode might be a filler story just to wrap up the first season of Tsubasa to allow the manga to do some seperation on the anime. Syaoran and the others are attack by Fai Wong's men along with some monsters as well.


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