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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Yakitate Japan 43

The Kasyers, Subawara, and Kawachi have finished making their bread which Azuma did not arrived at the arena. Pierrot was about to start judging when Azuma shows up. Kawachi was panicking as usual since there was less than 20 minutes left but Azuma shows Kawachi that he has made his bread which is in the shape of a tire. Pierrot has issues with judging Azuma's bread as he doubts that Azuma made the bread within the time limit. Edward begins to taunt the Japanese team but he immediately stop by Gran which he's interested with Azuma's Japan #51. Suddenly, the King of Monaco asked that Azuma's bread should be judged as it was his fault for Azuma being late. He suggested that he take Azuma to the arena by his car but while in route, there was an accident. The King had a portable bread kitchen in his limo for Azuma to make his bread. Pierrot accepted Azuma's bread for judging with the permission of Gran. Even the crowd doesn't object Azuma's bread for judging since they believe that Gran will beat them easily. Pierrot began the judging with Gran's Blue Lagoon bread and starts throwing balls at Kawachi while another Pierrot is behind him and shaves off most of his hair to look like tiger stripes. Then he shaves off the remainier of Kawachi's hair to showcase the pearl powder in the bread. Kawachi realizes that Pierrot shaved off all his hair and begins to chase after him until Pierrot sprays hydrangeas from the bread to make Kawachi all calm and happy. The hydrangeas makes the bread its blue color. Kawachi tells Pierrot to ignore his bread since it has no chance of winning while Subawara asks Pierrot to eat his bread. Pierrot refuses to eat to his bread because of the red wine. Even though the alcohol content has been vaporized, a small amount will make racers drunk because of the extreme G forces on their bodies during racing. Also, no racer want to eat a bread that has the shape of a turtle. Subawara beats himself for being so arrogant with Azuma and failing to listen to his own advice but Azuma tells him that without him, he wouldn't be able to make Japan #51 Kai.

Pierrot begins to judge Azuma's bread and notices the eel shape of the bread along with the nori which contains Vitamin A, B1, and B2 but it loses its crispness after a short time. Kawachi tells Pierrot to eat Azuma's bread since he's been delaying eating it and regained his senses. Pierrot is taking his time with eating Azuma's bread so he could distract everyone and placed nori strips on Kawachi's head. Then Pierrot makes Kawachi to look like Isono Namihei to finish off the reaction and declares Team Japan as the winners. The crowd is mad with the result which Gran tells them to be quiet and realizes that it also has black soy beans which is good for the eyes. Pierrot also mentions that the bread contain silk powder which has a high amount of antioxidents. The Kaysers leave gracefully as Azuma thanks him for allowing him to be in the semifinals. Kuro-yan explains to Sophie that Pierrot had one more thing in his reaction which his mouth had nori in his teeth to make a checkered flag pattern.

This episode concludes Japan's battle with the France team as now they will face either the American or Chinese team in the finals. Kawachi really made the episode as the clown as Pierrot used him for his reactions. I really loved when he was in bliss saying all this nice stuff as his character was reduced slowly as he said nice things to the Kaysers along with that his bread had no chance of winning. There's a new ending song in this episode which I liked better compared to the previous song. The next episode will show the strength of the American team with Gopan #97 along with new wig ideas for Kawachi.


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