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Monday, November 14, 2005

Yakitate Japan 44

Azuma, Suwabara, Kawachi (with a wig that falls down to one side), Kuro-yan, and Sophie were celebrating their victory over the Kasyers. Azuma originally made the bread for his sister for running track. Kuro-yan asked Azuma how he know to use black soy beans which his grandfather still have great eyesight at his age and kept mentioning to Azuma about it. Kawachi thinks they could beat the Americans easily but Kuro-yan tells them that he saw the Chinese defeated easily as the Americans crushed them. Also, Shachihoko's bread placed third which Kawachi thought that he was the toughest one out of the Americans. Shadow's Gopan #97 could beat Azuma's Japan #51 Kai. Then everyone thought that Kawachi's wig is just bad which he wanted Azuma do everything for the finals but the finals is one-on-one matches between the bakers. Meanwhile Kirisaki talks to Shadow who copies everything that Kirisaki said or did. Team Japan visits the Monano Grand Prix which Kawachi notices the top F1 racer Mikail Schukapper (Michael Schumacher) which he will eat Azuma and Shadow's bread. Sophie notices that Kuro-yan isn't happy as he wonders what will happen if Azuma will lose to Shadow's bread since he has never lost a bread battle. Azuma heads off to make his bread while Kuro-yan talks Subawara and Kawachi as tells them that Azuma's bread will lose to Shadow's bread for sure. Mikail is being interviewed as he tells the interviewer that he used to race on mountain paths which he balanced tofu and water on his head. Then he mentions that he was bully by a kid named Schwienrich who used to make Mikail get him bread. He said that he said that the bread before the race made him talk about his past and prefers the Gopan over the Japan. Azuma hears the news and runs away which Kawachi wanted to chase after him but Kuro-yan stops him as he couldn't comfort Azuma which everyone else agreed. Azuma hasn't come back to the hotel room later that night which Kuro-yan believes that he may committed suicide but they decided to search for him. Azuma talks to Shadow which he copies everything that he said until he said that copying won't be enough.

The next day, Kawachi and the others wonder what happened to Azuma as he was in his bed. He said that he got annoyed with Shadow's copying act and tried to do impossible poses but he copied all of them perfectly. Azuma wanted to thank Shadow for winning as he notices Shadow's kneading technique that was on par with the Manager and Mokoyama. His technique wanted Azuma to improve even better and had nothing to do with losing which made Kuro-yan leave the room quickly. Pierrot tells Japan and America the themes for the three matches which are clothing, food, and shelter. The clothing theme is to make the most beautiful bread, the food theme is to make a suitable everyday bread, and the shelter theme is to make a bread that expresses the taste of your homeland. If one team wins the first two matches, then the third match won't happen as the teams will choose which baker will do what theme. Azuma will do the shelter theme while Kawachi does the food theme and Subawara does the clothing theme.

This episode really had no bread-making but it moves the plot along as Shadow seems to mimic everything and possibly mimic Kirisaki's skills as a baker which are great indeed. Shadow is a very powerful opponent indeed but Azuma's creativity is something that cannot be copy by anyone. Also, there was a nod to Initial D as Mikail Schukapper's street racing days was based from that series as the main character was a tofu deliveryman who gained his excellent driving skills by delivering tofu up those mountain roads everyday and became a street racer. Also Mikail Schukapper's name was changed for legal reasons probably as he wasn't bald in the manga and made a joke of his name by making him a kappa. Also, I'm kind of curious as they removed the part where Kuro-yan talks about his baking skills. This is actually an important plot point in the next arc. So now we are in the finals which the next episode will have Subawara face off against the woman member of the American team who's the world's pastry champion which they are fight nearly naked (don't ask, just watch). I'm not interested in that match as I'm with the Kawachi match which I want to see how they do Pierrot's reaction because I seen how it was done in the manga which had a couple of red flags. All you Kawachi fans need to wait a little bit longer to see him shine in somewhat greatness once again.


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