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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yakitate Japan 45

Subawara is wood craving in middle of the street while Kuro-yan and Kawachi is watching him and talking to themselves with Azuma locked in his room thinking up of a bread. Kuro-yan takes Kawachi's wig while Sophie tells them the order of the American team which is Monica, Spencer, and Shadow in that order. Subawara wanted to fight Shadow instead of Monica as he continues to make his wood craving of a crown. Monica talks to Spencer which was surprised as she never talks to due to Shadow copying her all the time. She asks him about Suwabara which he said that he's really strong and thinks that she will beat him easily as he takes one of her chips which he got a kick for his efforts. Sophie tries to research information on Monica and Shadow and comes up with nothing as Kuro-yan suggests that they might be competing in a bread tournament for the first time. Sophie thinks the idea is crazy when Kuro-yan gets a call from his old friend, Kid who runs an investigative company in New York. He hasn't found anything about Shadow yet but he tells him about Monica which has Kuro-yan shocked and makes Sophie to call Team Japan immediately. Kuro-yan tells them that Kirisaki hasn't hindered their efforts because he didn't need to as Monica and Shadow quickly learned throughout the tournament with the helping hand of Spencer. Kirisaki would rather trained complete amateurs with great potential of breadmaking than finding talented bakers. Subawara was about to leave when Kuro-yan tells him that Monica is the Champion of the 59th World Pastry Chef Competition aka Queen of Patisserie.

Subawara thinks that he can beat an amateur like Monica but she did beat Spencer in the semifinals which shocks him. Kuro-yan tells him that pastry chefs stressed their training on making their creations beautiful. Subawara begins to tremble which concerns Azuma and Kawachi but the trembling is actually him being happy that he can face off against a wonderful opponent like Monica for the final round. After Subawara leaves, Kuro-yan says that Azuma pursues his dream as Subawara better himself by winning and losing while Kawachi is just an unfathomable baldy. He tells Kawachi that he needs to bring his best game that his match is very important especially if Subawara loses the match. Subawara finished his crown for his bread. One week later, the first match begins with very few people watching as most of the people didn't care after the French team losing in the semifinals. Monica appears in an American flag bikini which she uses her sex appeal to make Subawara go insane. She recalls her conversation with Kirisaki which he promises her to make her the General Manager of the new pastry branch of St. Pierre if she wins the tournament as a step closer to her dream of a candy castle. Subawara decides to take off his clothes to make Monica's bikini attire (he's not completely naked). The match begins with two sets of dough for Subawara while Monica has five sets of dough with different colors but same volume. Kuro-yan explains that Monica has mixed different quantinties of rye into her dough which she learned through her German hertiage. Monica recalls her childhood which she would refuse her mother's bread because she wanted something sweet but they were poor though. Monica's father had a dream of a candy castle which he made her eat the bread which it was delicous as she added something to make it good. They moved to America but her father's dream of a candy castle wasn't realized as he collasped from overworking and her mother hostipalized for worrying too much. Subawara's fruit began to shine brightly but his brightness was trumped by Monica's lifelike rose.

This episode brings some background of Monica as she wants to create a candy castle which Kirisaki can help bring one step closer to her dream. I really loved Kuro-yan kept insulting Kawachi for his wigs and kept messing around with them. Then there was Monica playing around with Subawara before the match which I was surprised that they would actually have rub him in that way. The next episode has the final results of Subawara and Monica's bread which Pierrot's reaction has him arrested. I should mentioned that Pierrot brings his A-game for his reactions in the finals. So be prepared for some grand reactions.


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