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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Yakitate Japan 46

Subawara reveals his bread which appears to be a burned crown until he slices it to reveal a shiny gold crown with fruit as jewels. Kuro-yan explains that Subawara need a mold for his bread because of the pane di oro dough is goopy and used the croissant dough inside of the mold to make sure that the pane di oro won't turn brown and retain its shape. Then he uses chocolate to create a shadow effect on the fruit. Pierrot was about to begin judging when Monica insisted that he tasted Subawara's bread first because she has something up her sleeve. Pierrot tastes Subawara's bread first and trap himself in a box. Kawachi thinks it has to do with Pandora's Box which both Subawara and Monica open the box to reveal a bunch of Chinese cabbages who attack everyone in the room. Kuro-yan tells Subawara to look into the box and finds a giant-sized burdock root.

The burdock root reveals to be Pierrot and manages to put the cabbages back into the box. Pierrot manages that he used honey to make the fruit shiny which he took from a German technique that has them put their fruits in jars of honey to preserve them and to make the flavor and texture richer. Monica never realize Subawara's technique even though she had them as a tradition in Germany. Pierrot looks Monica's bread and notices that her flower has blossomed. The flower blossomed because the heat and gravity along with the technique requires very high skill. Pierrot tasted the bread which made him cry and calling the police to turn himself for agitating the Chinese cabbages. Kuro-yan tells Monica and Subawara to visit Pierrot in jail because he won't be getting out any time soon. Pierrot tells them that Subawara lost because of the five layered bread which was glued together by candy along with that the bread won't ever get bored of the bread because of the different tastes of the rye bread. Monica tells Subawara that the five layered bread was from her mother. Subawara wanted to shake her hand but she refuse to do so as she didn't want to him see her burned hands but he thought of them to be beautiful.

This episode ends with Team Japan losing the first match to Monica's candy flower and five layered bread. Now it's the time for the moment that Kawachi fans have been waiting for as he battles with Spencer along with a grand reaction by Pierrot (I hoped they don't alter the reaction though). The next episode will have Kawachi preparing for his match along with some old characters making a return appearance into the spotlight.


  • At 1:19 AM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Poor Kai! All well, Monica seems like a cool character! Haha yea I can't wait for the next episode, because my favorite character is coming back! Wooohoo! LOL I am dl eppy 47 right now, and I can't wait for your next review! Gambatte!


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