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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Yakitate Japan 47

Monica was helping Subawara with making a horse when Kawachi wanted them to leave since they were distracting him with their lovely antics. While walking in the city, Kawachi meets up with Kuro-yan who wants him to work on his bread for the match which made Kawachi depressed. Kawachi lays on his bead and thinks about that he has no way of winning right now when the Manager, Tsukino, Kanmuri, and Kinoshita appear in his room. The Manager told him that he invited his family to the finals which Kawachi didn't want as he doesn't want them to see him lose. Kanmuri gave Kawachi the box which he removes the bottom to reveal a scroll which contain the name of Kawachi's father, Kawachi Kyoutarou. Kanmuri tells Kawachi about how his father kept trying every year to make it in Pantasia even though he got rejected many times. He continues to say that he shouldn't disappoint his father before leaving the room. Then Kawachi receives some divine wisdom from his dead father which he tells him to follow his dream with everything he has. The Manager says that Kawachi is at his strongest when he's cornered which Kanmuri added that it was worth it to shut down the store suddenly. Azuma comes into the room and sees that Kawachi is trying to make a mold for his bread along with the start of a revolution which Azuma misunderstands as former Prime Minister of Japan, Kakuei. Kawachi throws Azuma out and into the company of the Manager and others. While Kawachi was making his mold, he realized that he lost his aim after becoming an employee of Pantasia's Main Branch and just wanted to be cool like his father. He remembers his father's dream to make a dinner bread that would be healthy and delicious to eat.

One day before the finals, Kawachi begins to taste his bread which the crust is good but not the dough part with the others watching. Kawachi is using datten soba which usually tastes bad but he has no success with it. Tsukino wanted the Manager to give him advice but he refuses as he wanted to see Kawachi's strength. Later in the day, the Manager picks up Kawachi and insults him along with some hidden advice about how he managed to figure out the problem with making bread with tea leaves. Kawachi kicks out the Manager and realizes how to solve the problem with the bread by adding tea to the flour instead of tea leaves. The next day, Kawachi has his family watching him even though they weren't energitic because of lack of people while Spencer has lots of his family members watching him. Kawachi spill his flour on the floor because of the excitement and pours liquid dattan sobayu into his dough. Monica tells Subawara that Spencer was spending so much time on training Monica that he didn't have time to think up a bread for the semifinals. Meanwhile, Spencer has his dough wrapped around a bamboo pole which looks like a cannon and mentions that this is the ultimate slow food. Slow food is a movement which was to ensure that traditional food wasn't wiped out by fast food and junk food. Spencer is going to bake his dough over an open fire along with a spice which Pierrot mentions it was a terrible ingredient. Spencer found this while thinking up ways to beat Azuma and calls his cannon, Alexandria. Kawachi reveals that he has more than dattan soba with special croissant dough.

Overall, this episode follows the basic storyline of the manga but some things were rearranged or omitted. Originally, the box that Kanmuri had contain three things under the fake bottom which basically were notes telling him to take a poison that was also in the box. Kawachi decided to not take the poison which rolls under the bed and hits Kanmuri which at that point everyone show themselves from under the bed and the closet. Also, the Manager and the others were much harsher on Kawachi during their talk along with that the store was doing much worse as St. Pierre's Main Branch began to sell Ice Bread (read Vol. 12 Chapter 103 for that one) which cause them to take out a loan to go to Monaco. The part when Monica mentions about Spencer's true strength occured in a different scene when Monica created her own version of Subawara's crown. There was a part with Subawara went to Kawachi and calls him NamaHage (Bald Demon) which he tells Monica to tell Spencer about that. Monica and Spencer had another scene which Spencer tells her about Kawachi's true strength and that he bringing out Alexendria. The final thing they left out was Azuma misunderstanding the slow food movement as slow "poo". It wasn't necessary Azuma misunderstanding the word made it so funny but the Manager conversation to Tsukino about it was so funny. The next episode is an hour long special which going to be very interesting and fun to watch as I get to see the reaction I wanted to see the most along with Pierrot's visit to Heaven. Let the revolution begin.


  • At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Really? How omoshiroi! Wait, who does that box belong too? I think it might be his dad's and Kanmuri just found it. When he found that poison, did he make nothing of it? I mean, I would be pretty creeped out if I were to find something like that, summarizing how to commit suicide. I guess his dad couldn't stand being a failure to his family anymore so he wanted to end it. Hmm...if this was all true, I can't see how Kawachi would get in the "mode" while learning the truth. It seems Yakitate the manga takes a darker twist route, rather than a full-out comedic one.

    Haha yea Kawachi is an amazing baker, the only thing he lacks is self-confidence. Even Spencer mentions he is a worthy opponent. ROFL about the slow "poo" part, haha I can see some resemblance.

    Great summary BTW! :D

  • At 1:36 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Kanmuri put the items in the box and gave it to Kawachi before he left for the tournament. The first item was a cell phone and sort of forgot about the other items until after the first final round was over.

    I actually left some things out about the poison on purpose to get people reading the manga. It wasn't a deadly poison but it would make a person very sick. Also, Kawachi's father died in a fire while baking one night.

    One more thing, I was going to mention this in the next entry but if you read my episode 29 entry, I actually alluded to the bread that Kawachi was going to make in the finals. Since the episode never happen in the manga, the producers decided to add a little bit of foreshadowing in the mix.

    I think you need to read the manga just for the conversation between Kawachi and the others.

  • At 3:27 AM, Anonymous Problematic said…

    Haha Yea I knew he died in a fire but that was an accident though. Since I haven't read the manga, I thought they were going to twist this around by having Kyoutaro having suicidal thoughts. LOL I guess I was a tad bit off. XD

    LOL where might someone like myself find the manga? Oh in other news, have you heard that Viz licensed Yakitate! Japan the manga? Yay, it's coming out like next summer/fall I believe. Can't wait!

    OH wow, you are right! There was a bit of foreshadowing, with that bamboo thingy and how Kawachi's dad tried to recreate a dinner bread that was healthy. Hmm..I wonder what Kawachi's bread will look like though...can't wait until the next eppy because its a one hour special!


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